Boiler with Hive keeps turning to timed rather than on

1 Feb 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I have a glowwarm boiler around 4 years old, comes with the clock style timer built into the front of it. I had a hive fitted a while back and have had no issues with it.

Just recently the boiler keeps turning itself to the timed function on the switch and not constantly on.

So the hive seems to be linked into the 'on' setting of the boiler but only send the signal to fire up when the hive says so, every few days the boiler switch is turning itself back to the timer setting.

Any body have any ideas on how to prevent the boiler switching seeming by itself? By the way the boiler is well out of the way of the kids so highly doubtful anyone is playing silly beggars.
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Might be a sticking switch, I’ve seen it once or twice, you could replace the clock, or push all pins in on clock and use the hive to program?
If you are comfortable with electrics, access the rear of the clock and it will have 4 wires, L&N to power the timer and Com and NO switching wires, join the two switching wires together and insulate, and the clock is now by-passed so wont matter what it is set to
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Thanks for the input guys.

It doesn't seem to the the timer that's causing the fault more the switch going from on (hive controled) to timed. Would it be possible to alter wiring so that the hive could control both the on and timer setting?

Pictue of timer and switch included for reference.


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Confused slightly as you initially stated the timer on the boiler:

Just recently the boiler keeps turning itself to the timed function on the switch and not constantly on

So is the fault with Hive or boiler?
Hive is functioning fine but the switch on the boiler must be set to on for the hive to work. The problem is that the boiler switch keeps switching back to timed rather than on, almost like its tripping out and going to timed instead of on.

I have been assured by the Mrs it's not her so I can't figure out how it's switching back to timed. The switch I'm referring to is located on the perimeter of the timer at 0130
Sorry to drag up an old thread but did you ever find the solution to this?

Mine has done it the last few nights and wondering if it's something to do with a safety mode the boiler goes into in low internal temps, regardless of thermostat temp.

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