bosch dishwasher not draining

21 Sep 2005
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United Kingdom
please help a damsel in distress.
my dishwasher is being naughty and giving it a slap didnt help. It has decided after 8 months to stop draining. There does not appear to be any kinks in the hose so I assume it must be the pump. Call me a dumb broad if you wish, but where do I locate it so I can check it for blockages.
cheers :oops:
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depending on the model you may find under the filter that towards the left side is a cover over the drain pump impellor. it is held in place by a t-20 torx screw. if you remove it you get access to the pump to remove what is usually a piece of broken glass or a lemon pip etc.
on some very recent models you can lie the machine on it's back. a couple of screws will remove the bottom panel and you will find your drain pump on the right side. it removes quite simply and any blockage can be removed. of course this must only be attempted with the power off and after removing as much water as possible. This problem is becoming a regular job for me these days, on that type of bosch.
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help please
i have same problem
have cleared chicken bone from impeller, but still no joy
have looked at drain pipe n that looks o k
i have also removed front off base and internal panel amd can see motor and pump.
now i am really stuck, cant see any way to access them, and dont really know what to do next
i may be female but i dont think i am dumb, i have got this far by reading previouus posts but people seem to give in and call someone else to fix their problem,
my dishwasher is a bosh classix and is about 4 years old, i think
the model number is sgs4012gb/13
If you have the front (bottom) panel off look for a short ribbed hose in front of the pump. If it looks very dark the chances are it is blocked with fat & other horrible stuff, this often gets clogged & prevents draining. It is push fitted each end & seals with o-rings. To remove it simply pull each end out. You should empty as much water as possible before doing this, but be aware some water will run out regardless. If it is clogged rinse it out under the hot tap, use a baby bottle brush to help remove the stubborn gunk.
Should you need to remove the pump it is also easier with this hose off (it is even easier to get access to work in there by removing the door facia). The pump is a bayonet type & twists off, but you have to press a small clip on the side before twisting it off.
If the hose & pump are clear the another likely culprit could be the pressure chamber (or matrix as other people call it). This is on the left hand side of the machine & the side plate has to be removed to get at it.
But my money is on the stub hose being blocked, the pump impellor is jammed, or the pump is defective & needs replacing.
Good luck :D
Did the same with mine...gave it a good shake and now perfect. Thanks for the advice.
I've got a similar problem with my Bosch Exxcel in that it doesn't drain well. It's 4 years old. I've got it on it's back to get to the pump assuggested earlier. However I seem to need a special tool to get the base off. It looks like I have to insert a "key" type device and turn that to "unlock" tha base so it can be removed. Do I have this right or is there something else I can be doing to get to the pump properly?

Is this a ploy by Bosch to get us to spend £ on engineers? I'm quite happy to paddle round in the innard of the machine (as long as I can get it back together!) but am faced with £120 call out now or £85 if I wait two weeks.

Help please!
My 6 month old Bosch dishwasher will not drain. It gives error E.25. I have cleaned the filter and taken the cover off the impeller and cleaned there (the impeller rotates freely). When it tries to drain, I hear a whirring sound, and water is pumped out but after a second or two it stops. It tries that three times and then gives the E.25 error.

Obviously it is still under guarantee but on the other hand this is Christmas week (of course!). I would be willing to void my guarantee if I could get it working -- I can't cope with Christmas without the dishwasher working!

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
Can I ask if you have broken any glasses in there lately? It sounds suspiciously like it could be something of that nature. If it is your warranty might be void anyhow since this isn't really a machine or component failure. The only real way to find out is to remove the pump & take a peek. Of course you then risk blowing your 12 month warranty. Bit of a catch 22 situation I'm afraid :cry:
I know this thread is a few months old, but having read and followed all the advice above my Bosch Classic still refused to work.
My husband decided he had nothing to lose as the dish washer wash over 4 years old so began taking panels off and behind the left hand panel he found a Syphon breaker matrix. Low and behold he found that there is a float (ball) that had become covered in al sorts of slime etc, which in turn was causing an air lock. We are not sure how this happens as no water reaches this float, possibly fats carried in the steam etc and over time the grease settles and spores grow.

This is where the fun began as this is a sealed unit.

We turned the machine on its top and removed the tubes at the base of the unit (just the two below the blockage). We then poured in some household drain/sink un-blocker and boiling water and left it about 30 minutes. A long length of wire was then used to prod the ball and at this point it freed up slightly. Great care should be taken here as you are dealing with caustic solution. we repeated this until with boiling water a few times.

The problem is emptying the fluid in between and we did this by attaching long tubes to the base of the unit and blowing down one and using the other to direct the fluids into a bowl. This also helped free the float.

Possibly safer and cheaper if you are not happy doing this to buy a new one.

I now have the cleanest dishwasher in the world and it works.
This problem was cured by moving the machine out of its unit enclosure (once emptied of course) and tipping it carefully onto its side. The residual water flowed out onto the floor from the base. After righting the machine I mopped this water off of the floor. I did this several times until no more water emerged. Problem solved...........
Tip on both sides and leave for a minute....the plumber charged me £100 call out and couldn't fix it but the forums did instead!
behind the left hand panel he found a Syphon breaker matrix. Low and behold he found that there is a float (ball) that had become covered in al sorts of slime etc, which in turn was causing an air lock.

Thanks for this, had exactly the same problem when dishwater wouldn't empty. On mine the matrix can be removed quite easily (after removing left side panel) so you can fill the matrix drain tubes with caustic soda, give it a good shake (needed to fill and repeat several times) to clear the accumulated greasy limescale crud that blocks the little red float valve. Result, now works perfectly again!
Not a very clever design by Bosch as it will inevitably become blocked in time.

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