Bosch Exxel 1400 Express - won't spin

16 Dec 2010
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United Kingdom
My machine goes through the was cycle ok, starts the spin cycle at 11 mins, gets to 9 mins then jumps straight to 1 min and the clothes are still soaking wet. Engineer came out today and changed the brushes and said it was fixed. I stupidly didn't make sure he had checked the machine whilst he was here & when I used it after he left it was still broken :cry: I can hear the water draining & i've I've cleaned the filter. The drum is turning, but not enough for a proper spin.

What else could it be please? I really hope I don't need a new motor. I've lost faith in the engineer now, so would really like to have a bit more info before I phone them tomorrow :confused:
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As the fault is not fixed it should be a free re-call for a start

Possible the motor brushes are not seating correctly (bosch brush holders can get clogged with carbon dust so need to be cleaned when the brushes are changed)
The commutator may need a clean up (they get rather dirty preventing a good contact with the brushes)
How long were the old brushes, if they get too short they can damage the PCB)
Any engineer worth his salt would have checked before leaving to ensure the fault was clear.
Hi Leccy

Thanks for your reply. Well the engineer finally came back (for free)! He has cleaned out a chamber at back right hand corner of the machine which was really blocked and was hopeful that would be it. The brushes have been taken out and cleaned up. Still no joy - it does a slow spin and sounds like it is getting ready to spin fast ........... and then doesn't. Engineer has now told me that I need a new motor, but for between £138 and £200 I think I will probably just get a new machine.

By the way the old brushes were about 1cm.

Do you have any other suggestions?
After doing a bit more research on the internet, my husband took out the motor and the brushes, cleaned out all the debris in the motor, then gave one of the brushes a rub with some fine sand-paper as it was quite a tight fit. Put it all back together & hey presto my machine is working again!

Next time we will save ourselves the call out fee and with all the great advice available on here we will do it ourselves. Saved us £200 for a new motor or £382 for a new machine.

Thanks again for your help :LOL:
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I have to do that even with some original bosch brushes as well as give the brush holders a good clean out.
Its one of the reasons I take those motors off to work on them.

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