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23 Jan 2005
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I came across a very amusing thread on a different forum, spent an hour writing a reply then found that the moderators had deleted it! Don't you just hate that? For your amusement I have rewritten what I can remember of the original post along with my reply. I'm not sure whether it belongs under General Chat or Software --

Dear Sir/Madam

I have recently upgraded my operating system from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and I now have a load of problems. Many of my original games, most notably Romance 9.9, now run intermittently if at all. Housework 2.0 will not load and I seem to have acquired an extra program, Pub 6.1, which is hogging a lot of system resources. As far as I can work out it is not possible to revert to Boyfriend 5.0. One of my friends has recommended a program called Celibacy 2.0 but I've heard conflicting reports about this. Is there anything else I can try? Please help.

Dear Reader

Yours is a common problem. The first thing you should know is that the games that install by default with all versions of Boyfriend do not do so with the Typical and Minimal upgrade to Husband 1.0. You should have clicked Full but it's too late for that now.

You're right to be wary of Celibacy 2.0. The historical evidence for its success rate is sketchy to say the least and most versions available today contain a trojan. This will install Bitontheside XX or Fancypiece XY or, in extreme cases, both. The resulting mess frequently requires the scrubbing of your hard disk and installation of a completely new operating system.

Dual booting Husband 1.0 with Boyfriend 6.0 is possible in theory but also not advisable. Great care must be taken to keep the partitions separate and opening an apparently innocent data file such as letter.doc can easily crash both systems.

The good news is that although Husband 1.0 doesn't look like much it is in fact a very versatile operating system. It's just a shame that so many users never discover it's more advanced features. In particular it will run all versions of the freeware program Boyfriend Simulation.

If you have already tried to load this and failed then you probably deleted some essential files along with Boyfriend 5.0. It's so easy to click on "Yes to All" when removing shared files. The solution is to obtain and load the latest version of Girlfriend Simulation first. Once you have these two programs up and running you will have no problem reinstalling your favourite games.

PS: I should point out that Romance 9.9 works best in conjunction with Joyofsex versions 1 and 2. If you want even more games you could try or, for serious gamers, but don't waste your time at (removed) because that's all you'll find. The best games are all either freeware, shareware or cardware. Beware of sites trying to sell you expensive makeover programs or hardware upgrades. These are a total ripoff.

PPS: You might also like to know that those freeware simulations support a huge number of plugins, most of which will run on standard hardware. I've heard that the Ken and Dierdre plugin will even run under Windows 3.1 on a bashed up 286!

Have fun with your new Husband 1.0; it's not as dull as it looks.


I presume that my attempt to warn people OFF a certain garbage website has been removed because it could have been mistaken for advertizing. Fair enough - and if the other two sites actually exist I'll be pleasantly surprized!

sorry felix the link was to a **** site

there are young uns on here as well ;)

Ah so ---

The little finger moves and clicks
And having clicked says "Mum, look what I found!"

I never thought of that :oops:
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