British Gas - Pi&& up and Breweries comes to mind

30 Dec 2018
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United Kingdom
I was moved to BG for my E&G when my original supplier Bristol Energy went bust, since when it has been a nightmare ride with BG. It began with me being charged by both BG & BE for the same energy, until I stopped the DD and tried to get the over payments back. Sorting that out, I had to involve the ombudsman. Then they issued a bill which was the completely the wrong one, then deleted it.

Since then, they have issued two bills, but managed to completely omit or forget the electric bill from their bills. They have now issued three bills and had to cancel each one due to errors. Their web site is incredibly dysfunctional, I fed readings in each week of both E&G, then it suddenly stopped accepting gas readings. Their Iphone app was equally dysfunctional. Both were supposed to show an indication of consumption over time, neither ever worked. The latest Iphone update allows you to log in, then it tells you what 'improvements' they have made - but there is no way to get rid of the 'improvements' page to do anything with the app.

Over recent years I have been with six different suppliers, all of them tiny suppliers and none of them ever got things wrong. How can such a large company, dealing with so many customers, with such a large income - get things so badly wrong? It wouldn't be acceptable for a little corner shop to get things this wrong.
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