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11 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
ok just alittle background first my brother is a "skilled" white collar guy not like me i can turn my hand to most things this is one of many stories i've got to tell its friday evening and i get this call from my brother says hes bought some laminate flooring in the sale from a well known diy center for his kitchen, hello thinks me its friday weekend at brothers laying flooring but no he asks all the right questions im in shock (hes been reading up on it for weeks lol) so i tell him for his small kitchen it should take less than a day he says other relatives are going to help him so i think wow i've got out of this lazy weekend (should have gone and visited with a camcorder) so saturday comes and goes no phonecall so now im worried so around dinner on sunday so not to wake him to early i ring to ask hows the kitchen floor the answer was ***** **** *** **** and many more now not being the greatest of people i tried not to laugh first he told me all the floor he had laid had a gap and he was on his 2nd tapping block and going for a 3rd soon now me thinking why so i said id be round in alittle while now my fiance knowing what my brother is like said have fun and be gentle i turned up at my brothers and between 3 of them over 1 and a half days had laid a total of 4 rows of laminate with large gaps of about 2-3 mil on all edges my first thought was in sale goods then i looked no it was all good gear so i had a brew and the indepth explanation started the first row went in great the second row wouldn't "tap" together so got hammered breaking first tapping block 3rd row was laid to maybe push the others together guess what that didn't work so as not to be beaten they tried the 4th row so just to be sure i said well lay the next piece and ill watch now this is were the video camera would have come in my brother measures it and tells his father in law to cut it he cuts it to size then his brother in law glues it now i use the words glues it to mean just that what he thought he was glueing i don't know he filled the grove with glue and half the surface so when the pieces were put together the glue was stopping the pieces going together even with the "tapping" block at full force ok i say whats happening (to much glue) apparently i cant be right so i do the next piece all 3 together says well we didn't know so i only ask if they "read the instructions on the pack" now apparently this never even occurred to them and there in the instructions it says excessive glue may stop the edges butting together so its now about 1.30pm sunday afternoon they spend another 30 mins deciding if they leave the stuff down thats already laid or start again when as the other guy further up the forum says i come out with ill help if you want now as these words left my mouth i knew id have 3 helpers who we not that much help lol anyway 5 hours later with a few mishaps ( never give measurements in inches and expect everyone to know i work in inches ) that shouldn't have happened he had a nice floor and even did the pantry floor aswell

more stories to follow lawn story and patio story

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tazzyd2000 said:
he filled the grove with glue and half the surface so when the pieces were put together the glue was stopping the pieces going together even with the "tapping"
The reason for this is air-trap,this is the one area I disagree with the manufacter instruction.I put the glue on both side of the tongue and not the groove which allow for air,this way the swear-box stay empty :)

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