Can you pour sand into the water supply covering clay pipe?

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My water supply is a copper pipe, and it's protected by being inside a 4" (about) clay pipe. Where it comes up in the corner, it looks like there is 28" distance from the floor level to the bottom of the vertical section of the clay pipe.

Of course, the copper pipe moves freely within the clay pipe.

Can I go ahead and fill that vertical section with sand without causing a problem? Thanks.

P.S. Could I fill with sand if I covered the copper pipe with a close-fitting plastic pipe first?
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Yes - or use insulation.

Thanks. I realise I don't have to surround the pipe, I just feel though to stablize it before taking off the old stop cock and diverting the run of the supply pipe. Then covering with sealant where I broke the mastic. I have a concrete floor that was covered with 1" of mastic that was holding the pipe steady. I'm in a "no fines" council house type of house.
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Here is a picture of my situation. You see the copper supply pipe coming up inside the clay pipe. I want to have the supply pipe turn 90 degrees along the floor towards the camera view, parallel with the left wall, then turn right a bit (left from camera view), then up vertical to a new stop cock. So, when I have drawer door there, opening the door, the stop cock will be on the left wall, near the front.

You see that there is about 1" of mastic layered above concrete. I've broken that in the corner. I'll have to put something there instead of the mastic.

I was hoping to put the pipe under the sealant/levelling compound for the short run, so the pipe will come out from the floor, just below where the stop cock will be. It's that or everyhting is above ground from the corner.

15 Nov 2005
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you mean you want to plug the gap to prevent dirt or vermin getting in?

Climaflex or similar will do fine. If it is not a precise fit, you can shave it down slightly. Armaflex would also do, and is more compressible to squeeze into a tight fit. You can then pack mortar or screed round the insulation.

The clay pipe might be useful one day if you want to draw a new plastic pipe through the duct.


It would be good to put in a plastic pipe. I wish I knew the route of the supply pipe.

I wonder if the water supply pipe is likely to run perpendicular to the front of the house, and thus within the front garden, or whether it will make a B line straight for the stop cock on the pavement. If that was the case, the pipe would run under next doors garden, because the stop cock is about 8 meters to the left of where my garden path meets the public pavement.

My home and all houses on the estate were built by the council in 1958. and I wonder whether all the water supply pipes would make B lines to the appropriate stop cock, or whether it would have been the practice to take the supply pipes entirely through the propertty attached to a house, by routing the pipes perpendicular to the house front and perpendicular with the pavement.

Does anyone know what the case is likely to be?


Can I get free plans from Yorkshire Water showing the route of the supply pipe from the stop cock on the pavement to the internal stop cock in my home? Someone said I could.

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