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Car break-ins

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fillyboy, 27 Aug 2021.

  1. fillyboy


    2 Jul 2019
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    United Kingdom
    Did I mention that the police caught the chap who broke into my wife's car.

    All's well that ends well.(y)
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  3. andy11


    19 Apr 2005
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    United Kingdom
    The basis of historical fact and precedent is a good basis for laws. Alcohol is our historically preferred drug and the one whose effects, good and bad, are the most widely known.

    Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are barbaric, backward countries that do not have the rule of law so the comparison is not straightforward. However if I were to go there (which I certainly will never do) I would respect their rules, as I would respect any country's rules, and not drink alcohol. It wouldn't be difficult as there are plenty of places and situations at home where I am forbidden from and therefore don't drink alcohol - at work for instance. I would be a bad person if I did break these rules. Why is it so difficult for people to obey British laws?
  4. Do you have a date in mind, to which, if you could, you would roll back all our laws and sanctions, disallow all changes subsequent to that date, and forbid any more changes ever?

    They do, actually.

    You might not like their rule of law (oddly, given how keen you are on outrageously harsh penalties for lawbreakers), but have them they certainly do .

    If you think that someone doing exactly the same thing in a UK living room as someone in a Denver,CO living room makes the former a "bad person" but not the latter then you have a very different idea to me of what really makes someone a "bad person".

    Why do you like some people who do, and are therefore bad people?
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