Cast iron downpipe

15 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom

I have a cast iron downpipe on the outside of my house, which doesn't have a shoe on the end. It stops a couple of inches above a raised concrete gully. I've only just bought the house, and noticed some damp in the corner internally, which I think is being caused by water sitting in the gully/running onto the wall. What would be the best way to resolve this? I wondered if I should just fit a shoe onto the end to try and channel the water down the gully, or would I be better off cutting the downpipe back a little and installing an elbow/bend and running some new pipe a few feet in the gully away from the house?


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You maybe getting splashback? Best to pipe it as close you can to the drain cover with the shoe as well
no sure its splashback as such. I'll try and take a picture later, but basically a concrete gully has been build running down to the front wall. The downpipe runs down the all into this gully. I don't think the water actually runs down the gully, it just sits there and it above the DPC.
These are the images of the downpipe and gully.

Closeup of downpipe and some damage to render. They tried to ease it with a piece of lead by the look of it.

I've removed the images!

Any ideas of the best way to tackle this? The pipe is all rusted at the back where they haven't painted it. Surveyor reckoned it would be best to remove all cast iron pipes, but as they're original, I don't know if its worth trying to rescue them :?:
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Okay, you need to repair the rendering and if it was me, I would fit an elbow and run a new length pipe all the way along the gulley with a slight fall, this will keep the gully looking tidy & dry etc.
Thanks masona.

I'm guessing I'll have to cut some of the pipe away, as there's not alot of room there!

Can you get plastic elbows/pipe to attache to cast iron? I know they come in different sizes!

Thanks again.
WaveyDave said:
............. Surveyor reckoned it would be best to remove all cast iron pipes,................

Typical of an overpaid ignorant moron :rolleyes:

They usually recommend woodworm treatment and dampcourse injection too, in fact, anyway of spending money pointlessly.

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