CBB who would of thunk it ??????



While I been down south , I have been holed up in my hotel room like a sad lad , lol ... my gang have been out every night like good uns in the boozers ...
Soft lad me ...chatting with the wife all night on the phone ...an then watching her programms so we can talk about stuff other than SEX..lol....

about 2 halfweeks ago
she was in bits
thought her mother had died on the phone ,

she had been watching this CBB,
Indian girl Shilpa girl being racially bullied on the live feed after 11 ,

as my wife lip reads /signs,

she learnt after she married me , lol
my dads family are deaf an dumb ...
me being the waster I am havent bothered ...:(

Anyway she was very Upset ,
cos it brought back how she an her sis were abused daily on our sink salford nasty estate ,
shes dark skinned second generation Italian ....

I was for ever giving good hidings out too mouthy yobs after they abused my so called P**i wife an her sister when they were growing up ..
shameful ..

Anyway Where I was..in Torquay...
on our lappie had NO Good t'internet access due too , Jonny my Boss / Mate putting Blocks on ...which is Right really ...lol

which is upsetting sat in a hotel room an only email access ...

so I emailed my new job news
to all my old mates I could remember on a lot of fav boards
I was friends with admins , D/S ....P/B....Ch4....NWS ....HS .....TS.....FRRS...

I mentioned how Maria was upset at this racism , on live feed an then hidden on normal CBB ...

OH DEAR .....for last week I have copied an posted what my wife has seen , an sent emails to them ..

one example ...
this where jades bf said *Gnut* instead of *Pa&i*......

whats nasty with ch4 he was calling her dirty *p *,
get the sh*t out etc ,
whispering too jade her giggling,
an if lip read YOU see what he says it all ........

then the ch4 show , they say that those tapes been editted over , an show the side of his face ... Yeah right

Anyway I relayed all this to friends .......WELDONE

an they released it .......as my old nics at there places ...

an other forum members watched an saw it ... an it grew ..........

an whoooooosch ...Tony B'liar ...answering them ??s ..lol

My wife is proud to say she stood against the racist bullying ....:) :) :)

I had the Best Sex Ever on coming home before an I feel more proud she had destroyed some of her childhood bullied demons as well... ;)

btw I know Im a ex drunken old sot here , an my upbringing had me racist ....but I educated myself ,everyones equal ...:)

an I realised we can still take the P8ss/be nasty basta*ds on building sites to every one ..lol..lol :) :) ;)
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28 Jun 2005
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United Kingdom
Channel 4 run by *****....and just waiting to be the first to say it on tv, just after 9pm :rolleyes: .....anyone see tourettes revisited :?: huge great signs up on the screen with every word displayed.......channel 4 running a penny to view Victorian asylum :evil: bunch of masturbators