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8 Jan 2005
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United Kingdom
I have two interior issues to tackle following two rooms being created in the attic
1. Cracks in the ceiling which seem to follow the joints in the plaster board.
2. Cracks between the ceiling and walls.

Any advice on how best to repair / fix the cracks
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You may need to remove some of the plasterboard tape if it's loose, you can repair it with Self Adhesive Plasterboard Repair Tape and Easi-fill.
See this
sound more like there wasn't any scrim used in the first place. Chip abit away and if so get your plasterer back to do it again properly
To be fair the ceilings have been inpace for ten years.

The rafters strengthened to support a floor and the rooms created in a bungalow.

The displacement, if that is what it is, has appeared since the work was finished. It was stated that they would not be responsible for that end of things.

The cracks look more like cracks in the paint but I know that they will coem through any repainting

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if the cracks are not to large then use a fleixble decorators caulking. I personally always use this one


(remember other caulkings are availiable!)

Squirt it along the crack and then work in it n with your finger. Give it 5 minutes and then wipe across with a damp sponge to give a good smooth finish. Once repainted it should be fine. It should be ok for the gaps at the edge of the ceiling. I use it in all manner of situations and i cant recomend it enough
Sorry didn't quite understand what you meant thought the cracks were in your newly plastered rooms.
I would aggree with thermo either fill or reskim.
I always tell my customers we cannot be responsible for minor cracking of ceilings when doing lofts too, its quite hard when you have to work on rafters that weren't originaly designed to take live loads.
At least they didn't put there feet through the ceiling like one of my labourers did a while back. (much to breezers amusement) :oops:
my dad did that once, wouldnt have been so bad but i can remember my mums face as the foot dangled down over the top of the cooker, while the plaster fell into the custard she was cooking for the big sunday lunch. I think my childhood memories of the language used have slipped away with the fullness of time though!
Hi Thermo,

I too need to repair a ceiling which has cracks along the edges of the plasterboard. They are quite narrow but unsightly all the same.

I had covered the ceiling with fibreglass which I bought in rolls and brought over from Denmark. It was a real pain to put up because the glass fibres would come loose and embed themselves in hands and arms.

It was very successful until it started to peel off (5 years later). And I wouldn't want to use it for the above reasons.

Can you recommend something similar? and a compound to fix the cracks (your link to Screwfix is not working) ?


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You need decorator's caulk, available from any DIY store. It's excellent stuff, as with somebody who posted above we use it all the time when redecorating.

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