Channelling Pipes in wall

11 Jul 2011
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United Kingdom
I am changing our bathroom around...

At present there is a surface mounted bar mixer for the shower. This is fed by two vertical pipes. I am wanting to re-tile the room and would like to channel the walls out and tile over the top.

what is the best way of doing this? The walls are breeze block and the supply pipes are 15mm.

Very new at this so please give me as much detail as you can.

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what do you mean?

you chisel out two slots wide and deep enough for the pipes to sit in.

can they come down the otherside of the wall, maybe in a cupboard?
Not really able to have them exposed. I want to run them down the back wall of the shower to under the bath.

Do I need to run the pipes in anything or should I just fill them into the wall?

I would prefer to use copper and soldered joints....Sound ok so far?
Depending on what you fill the void up with, certain materials are supposed to have a chemical effect on copper, but the following website suggests that it doesn't.. so no idea if its an urban legend or what.

Can be solved by wrapping in denso tape or the foam lagging insulation.

Depends if you want to do it quick and neatly with lots of dust or slow and rough with minimal dust..

Chipping away at it with a chisel will work, but will take a long time.
SDS Hammer drills are also an option, but I'd be a bit dubious hammering away with that frequency on a wall if its only a single course thick.

Angle grinder with diamond disc will cut a nice straight line but create a hell of a mess in terms of dust.

Once you have the two lines either side of your chase, hammer it with a chisel towards one of the lines and it should snap out and break off.

You can also get a cool spoon like chasing bit attachment for an SDS drill to knock the lumps out.
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yes always solder.

best to run them in some kind of covering, what stuff to use is in debate but i would use that horse hair felt type stuff in brown rolls, slips over the pipe.

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