Combi to fit in a kitchen wall unit....

3 Aug 2005
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Surrey Hills
United Kingdom
I am looking for a combi for a 2 bed flat that I am refurbishing.

As I am concerned with looks I would like to mount the combi in a kitchen wall unit. i.e. approx 720mm tall x 500mm wide x 290mm deep.

Can anyone recommend a suitable combi?

The only one that I have found to date is the Ideal Isar 30HE - but I have read some bad reviews about the Isars on this site.

Many thanks for your advice.
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Thanks. The Glowworm Flexicom 30CX seems to fit fine.

Would this be preferable to the Isar 30HE?
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Ich denke, dass die rechtschreibung sie wunsch "Viessmann" ist.
Machtig teuer. Eine neue kuche konnte billiger sein.

You might be reading bad reviews on the flexicoms once they've been out a bit longer. I wouldn't want any boiler which hasn't been around for a couple of years, which excludes most of them. Then it's luck; it took several years before we realised that Ideal Responses were a disaster.
You lost me there.

Anyway, the Viessmann Vitodens 100 (dimensions 700 x 400 x 340 mm) is still too large as the depth exceeds 290 mm.

So, of the two boilers that fit...
the Ideal Isar 30HE is no good; and
the Glowworm Flexicom 30CX is too new...

any other ideas ???
Viessmann is indeed tiny but too deep for a UK wall unit......

I do not know of any quality boilers that will fit in a UK wall wall unit - with the door shut.

Viessmann certainly fits bill for a quality boiler you can't shut the door on.
I was suggesting that a new kitchen might cost less than a Viessmann. They look nice inside but I don't know if they're actually any more reliable than say a baxi. Would you want a boiler which nobody would have a clue how to fix??

If you go for one of the others, budget to keep them maintained and guaranteed by the manufacturer.
You can Get a 5 year parts labour from most manufacturers now. I don't know if the vokera compact would fit over to you to find out off the web, but it's a good boiler. Vokera do 5yrs for 99 plus vat to the installer.

Obviosuly the ideal isar is the usual one chosen, I guess ideal engineers have worked out how to change parts on them, for the life of me I can't figure it out. So get an Ideal service contract as soon as it's out of warranty. The guys who do fit them swear by them, but they are just fitters not repairers. We allrounders whoi do a lot of repairing hate them.
And the worst thing you can then do is fit the thing in a wall unit which always restricts access further! Sometimes its easy to make the wall unit lift off the boiler, though any light baffle and cornice could also be in the way.
Well Vokera are taking us to the pub to watch football I should be there now but wife decided it's a good night to go shopping.

Anyhow I feel I've promoted them sufficient for the beers I'll down tonight.

On which point trying to get a coat of Buderus reps is like trying to get blod out of a stone, and after all the selfless promoting I do for them. Might have to find a manufacturer who can afford coats!
Promote Vok by all means but it won't fit the cupboard!
ChrisR is right, I had a flexicom 30CX fitted by npower 13 months ago and it has packed up :evil: An engineer came out from npower, scratched his arse then pronounced it "knacked". Npower refuse to do anything and say it iis a glowworm problem, Glowworm say it is an npower problem.

Called British Gas, said it will be £99 and we will put you back on our guarantee and are due to come out tomorrow. Next step is to take npower to the small claims court.

Avoid this boiler at all costs, they do not honour their 2 year guarantee so have no faith in their own boilers!
Use the new Ideal Logic X with the 5 year g/tee, only condition is must be registered and serviced every year by an RGI.

Now watch me get shot at!

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