Combo washer/dryer door handle broken

10 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom

I snapped off the door handle to my Equator 3612 CEE combo/washer dryer by trying to open the door too soon :( . My wet clothes are inside. Is there any way to open and close the door before I can get it fixed?

I saw a few posts on opening an Indesit w123 with a broken door handle, and I'm hoping most front loading door mechanisms are similar? Those instructions say to unplug the machine, take off the lid and fiddle on the inside with a screwdriver. How do I take off the lid? It seems on pretty tight and I don't want to break anything more....

Is it ok if I do not unplug the machine? mine is built into a counter top and I'm afraid if I move the machine out to find the plug I will mess up the water hoses.....

I was hoping there would be some way to push or pull on the remains of the plastic handle, but I can't figure out how it works.

Thanks for any help!!!

Ms. Lee
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:arrow: you absolutely must unplug your appliance before you touch it :!:

electricity has no prejudices, it kills anyone,

apart from that i have no idea about your machine

Note: i used to work fixing w/m for h.p first thing you did was to unplug m/c, only plug it back when finished and to test it
Yes... thanks for the additional reminder about the electricity part. And even if you don't have additional information on my machine, having a reply makes me feel a little better.

Ms. Lee

Hello again,

My owner's manual wasn't much help but I found a copy of the service and spare parts manual online. On page 7 there's a diagram of the door mechanism and also the top lid. Can anyone figure out from the diagram how I might be able to open the door? If it doesn't show any screws or anything on the top lid does that mean it may just be popped off?

thanks again for any help!
Ms. Lee


Ms Lee, please note 10 a
On most (but not all) machines the screws for the lid are at the back of the machine. I can't get the diagrams to display on my PC, I get error messages saying it does not recognise the format. If you can get the lid off the normal method is to look for a square hole in the door switch with the hooked door catch poking through it. You use a screwdriver to lever the hook in the direction of the centre of the door. I don't think this brand is available in UK so it's all guesswork here.
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Wanted to thank you - there were two screws for the lid of the machine at the back just as you thought. It worked!! I was able to open the door using the latch on the inside. You have saved me a lot of worry and $$. I may even be brave enough to replace the handle myself when the part comes in.

Can you tell me how you fixed it? Mine is in the counter as well and the door handle just snapped off. I'm in a rental so I don't have an owner's manual to look at. Thank you!


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