You are only making token gestures. Stop bragging about it, it doesn't make you look good (even if you think it does). Next time you eat out - around 50 kids will die that could have been saved. Well done Tone - you really make a difference. :rolleyes:

That's a bit harsh Joe .
I dont suppose you have recently taken time away from this forum to travel over there and see what REALLY is happening ?.

Every little bit helps - so people say. BUT- NOT every little bit gets there .
It's a shame- but 'hey ho' - I believe its better to take care of our own right here in UK. I dont mean take care of dossers and malingerers and I dont mean - chuck a few quid in and help to keep them in booze and fags .
At least Afikaans/Africans dont freeze at night --like some people here do.

I donate lots .- but only to people here . Sally Army, Samaritans, PDSA , RSPCA and boddingtons brewery :LOL: .
In no particular order .
People overseas-- must look after themselves . If they choose to spend their dosh in the wrong way 'tough titty'.

Children there did not choose to be born there --BUT--it's their parents job to do the best they can for them . Just like the people who have kids here . It's tough for kids here in certain areas . No future no propects and no hope --due to lack of goverment funds .
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How the F do you know what "token gestures" I make and what contributions I have made? Also, what exactly have I "bragged" about?

In any discussion about any topic, any poster may wish to give their credentials and experience. If that's what you call bragging then we may as well all just stop posting for fear of being accused of "bragging".

Tell you what, how about posters keep an eye on your future posts and catch you out when you appear to brag? Deal?

Actually, maybe some veteran posters on here would be kind enough to show me some of your past posts/arguments where you have thrown stones in your glass house...

I'm sorry if a bit of straight talking has riled you Tone, but it shows that I'm right anyway. :mrgreen:

You go on and pretend you are saving the planet - it's harmless and you seem to get off on it. :p
It's OK mate, h'll get over it when he realises the universe isn't quite the way he chooses to see it. :mrgreen:
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I don't think anyone in the western world is entitled to pass judgement on Africa's woes.
If we paid off all the debt we owed and attempted to live within our means then that would make us poorer than the goat herders of the middle east.
The rulers of these countries have but one option: do what the Chinese are doing and limit families to one child each.

You are so pig ignorant.

You are an offensive little person, aren't you.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could discuss a subject without the childish name-calling? Perhaps when you're a little older.

You're the one advocating murder, yet cry when someone insults you.

It's like Question Time with e-guns.

Can someone please link to a logical/rational forum please...
The rulers of these countries have but one option: do what the Chinese are doing and limit families to one child each.

You are so pig ignorant.

Africa has so much undeveloped land suitable for agriculture, it is approx 60% of the world total (just the stuff they are *not* using), and what they are using they are getting about 1/3 out of it than we do, because they use old farming methods.

And this is mostly down to totalitarian tosspot leaders and governments that foster corruption.

And your solution is to give them the power to confiscate children.

Mind you, I'm sure those corrupt governments and leaders can put those children to good use


Are you implying, with your 60%, that we chop down what is left of the wooded areas, kill all the wild animals to feed the starving hoardes??

If so you are a bigger AShole than i previously mistook you for.. :evil:
Oh look, another bigot saying how Africa has no right to do exactly what we did.

Oh what's this.....

Out of the total land area in Africa, only a fraction is used for arable land. Using soil, land cover and climatic characteristics a FAO study has estimated the potential land area for rainfed crops, excluding built up areas and forests – neither of which would be available for agriculture. According to the study, the potential – if realised – would mean an increase ranging from 150 – 700% percent per region, with a total potential for the whole of Africa in 300 million hectares. Note that the actual arable land in 2003 is higher than the potential in a few countries, like Egypt, due to irrigation.

You can find plenty of sources showing how Africa has more than enough existing farmland to feed itself, but total potential farmland is estimated to be equivalent to 60% of the current world output.

And yet we have people here defending child killing as a way of controlling Africans, rather than dealing with the social political causes of famine and poverty.

This, this is what you advocate.


Yea, that's a dead baby forcefully aborted at 7 months.

And you people call "me" the A8sole, go look in a fricken mirror.
Yes i admit it has plenty of farmland, Zimbabwe at one time more or less fed the rest of Africa, what went wrong??

If they continue to multiply like rabbits, and we cut the infant mortality rate then where the CUF are all these people going to live, they will want more, the loosers will be the wildlife which is already in danger.

Also why do the tv presenters always say things like, they only earn the equivalent of £2 a month here, FFS How much do they want, in 1969 i was only getting £10 a week, its all relevant...
And as for being a bigot, i pay my taxes, Camoron sends millions of my hard earned cash out to Africa, i think i have every right to have a view point on the subject, ok i might be a bigot, i prefer that to an AShole
About 45 years ago in primary school we were all asked to collect silver paper (foil). It was to be recycled and the money raised sent to feed the starving Africans. That stupid kids programme Blue Peter did something every year.
Time passes bye and we are still being asked to feed the starving Africans.
They have had so much hand outs over the years they don't want to work.

I would hate to think that after 45 years how many million £££ of aid they have had and they still cant sort out their land or water supply.
(oh a 100' bore hole cost an average of £3000 to drill, so where's the rest of the money gone) :confused:

And to add insult to injury our pathetic country is technically bankrupt, Nhs in meltdown, industry grinding to a halt, poverty and homeless increasing, etc etc etc etc they want to send even more ffin money to help third world countries.

Like already mentioned there are more worthwhile charities closer to home, and that's where my money stays, close to home.
ok i might be a bigot, i prefer that to an AShole

You are advocating forced abortions, child murder, you are both a bigot and an ahole.

Zimbabwe at one time more or less fed the rest of Africa, what went wrong??

Robert Mugabe and his land reforms.

Don't you know anything?

the loosers will be the wildlife which is already in danger.

Firstly, stop talking poo, you can find plenty of sources on the net showing they could feed themselves, and much more, on existing farmland.

Secondly, seen any wolves lately?


Oh no, sorry, only us first worlders can shape our country, all those other "people" must do as we moralise them to do.

If they continue to multiply like rabbits

Population density per km


So, when will you start advocating a one child policy in the UK, we are clearly more populated than Africa?
In reply to ASS, Where am i advocating forced abortions and child murder??
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