Considering a bash at one of these, sure do look tempting!!

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Thinking back to when I was younger, (not that long ago really, ;) ), I used to wind mine up fully at the start of the week then just top it up each night. Let it run down completely over Fri/Sat/Sun and then fully wind up again on Monday morning. It was a Rotary by the way.
Shark Army” is a branch brand of “Shark” sport watch.

- Military design, accurately and compactly.

- Water resistant (Not suitable for swimming, diving, shower etc.).

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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So its splash proof then just not fully waterproof, theres lots of watches out there like that, nothing to worry about.
cheap as chips,
ive got a tag watch which requires a new battery yet again AT A COST OF £75.
hence why i now wear a cheapo watch,mind you its not often i go swimming to depths of 200 metres :rolleyes:
I have a breitling B1, it recently needed a battery as well as being ready for a service. The battery on its own was £45, the service was about £250 which included a battery, with i being nearly ready for a service i decided it was better value to get it serviced.

While at the counter (Goldsmiths) i was told they offered a polishing service, which was basically polishing all the tiny little scratches out of the watch body and strap or bracelet as they call it, initially i was told this was free with a service so i accepted, later in the week i got a phone call from goldsmiths saying the polishing service was infact an extra £170, i agreed but then later complained, think i got £50 off or something.

Had it serviced 3 times now and is currently for sale if any of you chaps fancy it, cheap at around a grand. Put the money towards a Breitling super avenger then :D
Just tell your watch that it used to be a Swatch... that'll wind it up !!! :mrgreen:
anyone that spends £75 on a battery needs a kick up the arris !!! :rolleyes:
anyone that spends £75 on a battery needs a kick up the arris !!! :rolleyes:

gotta agree with you here :oops:,done it once wont do it again for a LONG LONG TIME,its now in storage in its box with the winder pulled out so it wont run down.SHOULDVE BOUGHT AN AUTOMATIC VERSION. :cry:
Tissot automatics for me have two PR516watches.
One's my daily wearer and its ten years on the wrist now and no battery obviously..


Something pleasing about a mechanical watch..sapphire crystal back to see workings with steering wheel spoke chassis , classic :D
if he is tall and handsome.....................(if he is a he) available til thursday...............

if he is a available anytime.... :p :p
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