Cooker mcb problem

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The guy who installed the 4mm cable also fitted my consumer box - we had fuses before - he works for/with his father and does a lot of commercial aswell as domestic work.
The guy who suggested a 42amp breaker did have a company interestingly enough but was wound up after a short period of trading. I said bigger cable he said 42amp breaker?? He also fitted a couple of sockets and light switches, aswell as a hard wired smoke detector for me....
The cable you see in image will be getting plastered over and is it 150mm from cooker? It is just within the stipulated 150mm.
It was fitted about a year ago....
I've just read cabling must not be within 150mm of the cooker...unless I've misread that aswell.... :rolleyes:
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I've just read cabling must not be within 150mm of the cooker...unless I've misread that aswell.... :rolleyes:

Sockets are recommend to no closer than 300mm from hob or sink/drainer.
Isolators ideally not directly above hob.

I am talking about the permitted safe zones of cables, the cable pictured does not look complaint of that, there is no 150mm rule between accessories, the cable must be routed within the horizontal and vertical zone of the accessory.
As I said looks DIY to me or possibly

Hmm...I'm sure there is a difference between a cowboy and a DIYer...never mind.
Enlighten me as to what the electrician should have done then.
In a nutshell, the cable must not go diagonally out from the accessory.

It also rather looks like there is no grommet on the box, which doesn't inspire competence. There are knockouts on the side and the bottom of the box, which the cowboy has not bothered using. Hard to be sure whether that's plain laziness or further incompetence.

To be honest, I wouldn't have him back, I'd have someone else in instead.
Also the fact the cable is twisted close to entry to the backbox, suggests incompetency!
I am looking at the picture and to me it seems that the base unit ends, and the CCU is installed above the void, I hope that this not where a hob is!
Thank you lads. I should have him back to rectify the job free of cost. There is a grommet on the box, not visible in that image. Once again, thanks for the info, much appreciated. Still none the wiser as to why it kept tripping that day. To conclude, any ideas why?
It would be difficult to say without further investigation, If you ask the electrician :?: to do an IR test on the circuit that would rule out or confirm whether the hardwiring of the circuit is responsible, if that is within their capabilities that is? Also it could be that the MCB is starting to fail. But could also be an appliance fault.

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