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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Orchid2021, 14 Oct 2021.

  1. I am craving fish, chips and peas with lashings of vinegar touch of salt
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  3. Anybody out there craving anything? I am not sure I can sleep; just want to tuck into fish and chips right now; oh if I was royalty I could get my butler to cook me, buy me fish and chips from somewhere, anywhere right now; doesn’t need serving on silver platter; I will accept newspaper.
  4. wgt52


    25 Apr 2016
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    United Kingdom
    Cheese and pickled Beetroot sandwiches!

    (Can't have them as I'm managing my cholestorol levels by diet)
  5. Oh yes I must remember to order Branston pickle next time I get my home delivery. My cholesterol is on the high side but I am rubbish with willpower
  6. I do like a snack during the evening after my dinner. However much I tried I couldn't resist something nice. And of course that's not good.

    I then decided about a month ago to fast for 12 hours plus over night.. This has worked I've lost fat around my belly and feel better for it. Most definitely think I have more energy, but other changes I've made help with my energy levels.

    I try to eat by 5, finish my dinner by half 6 at latest. Not every day but most days. Anything over 12 hours is a bonus. So eat after 6 30am or 7 next morning. Weekends I'll try for 9.

    There are health benefits.
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  7. ReganAndCarter


    13 Sep 2010
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    Moravia, CZ
    Czech Republic
    I'm dying to get home tonight and rip the wife's knickers off

    because they're bloody killing me! :confused:
  8. Cheeky

    I thought I clicked on the wrong thread then:D:D
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