Cutting Down Tiles To Size And Finding A Match To Discontinued Tiles

19 Dec 2017
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United Kingdom
I am needing to re-tile an area in the bathroom where my toilet and sink is but the tiles that I have are not made any more. They are Porcelanosa Pearls White and Porcelanosa Formas Blanco which are sized 33x20cm.

I need about 35 formas blanco and only need around 6 pearls white.

First question is can I order a 33x25cm size tile and get the tiler to cut these down to match the size of the other tiles (33x20cm) or is this not advisable to do? If it isn't I don't think there is another option anyway as this size doesn't seem to be around any more!

Any ideas on these and what would be a good match?! Worth an ask on here I guess...

Formas Blanco (2).JPG Formas Blanco (3).JPG Formas Blanco.JPG Pearls White (2).JPG Pearls White.JPG
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