Destroyed Respect..

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For year now my respect for the Police has slowly been eroded by things we see on the news, but overall it has generally remained pretty high as I recognise that it is a blooming tough job with little thanks, however I have had three experiences of the Police, from THREE seperate forces that have simply left me realing and questioning the respect I had for them.

Incident 1

Monday morning, driving along a rather windy South coast road outside Brighton following a chap in a Vauxhall Vectra. As we rise the hill, the road marking change to double solid white lines, the crest of the hill is blind so the reason is obvious. As we crest the hill, this muppet overtakes me at about 60mph, but seeing oncoming vehicles, anchors up and tries to enter the gap that I had left between my van and the car infront.

The Guy was a fool, stuffed it completely and hit the Vectra on the right rear corner, this caused him to spin out into the path of oncoming traffic, most of which managed to avoid the collision, but one old Guy didn't. Thankfully no-one was actually hurt, but the debris all over the road was an issue.

I called for the Police..who took a full 20 minutes to arrive..Now you would think they would be looking to prosecute the driver who overtook me and caused the accident..Oh no..they were more worried about the fact the the Tax disc on the old fella's car had expired at the end of November..a few days before...Then they moaned at me for "wasting their valuable time"


Incident 3.

This occured on thursday and involved Surrey Police. A Police car was on blues and twos moving through the traffic at a high speed, people were moving out of the way as best they could, but due to the tight road and heavy traffic it was difficult. Anyway, about 35 yards ahead of me a Young lad in a car (didn't know that at the time) could not go anywhere as he was against a wall on the left, had an Esso tanker in front of him and a coach to his right..short of a helicopter, his car was not moving anywhere..

So the Policeman get out of the car and start shouting at him..unable to hear what he replied, or even if he can only wonder what he may have said..Then the Copper beside the drivers door, opens his door, pulls this lad out and handcuffs him..

Needless to say a croud gathers, no-one could go anywhere, and the conversation is plain to all..The copper is nicking the lad for "Hindering the Progress of an Emergency Vehicle" and then they also did him for using foul language when he questioned the Policemans mental facalties. To really make this worse, several people startinf the complain about the way they were treating this young lad..their reaply was to threaten those who did with being nicked for Public Order Offences or interferring with a Police investigation..

Incident 2

This is personal, and occured on Monday night after work. For the second time that day I witnessed an accident, only on this occasion the driver who caused it drove off, despite his Sierra being trashed on one side. I, being stupid I now know, drove off after the Guy, and attempted to phone 999 from my phone. The battery was flat so as I went around the roundabout I was trying to plug it in, however the lights on the roundabout changed to red, I noticed a little late and braked hard, unfortunately I still totally crossed the line, causing the two cars that had started to move to brake. I was unable to reverse due to traffic, so thought it prudent to simply accelerate out of the way as I was blocking half the junction.

Unknown to me there was a Police car (Essex) on the slip road. Needless to say he pulled me for "Contravening a Traffic signal". I put my hands up to it but explained what I had witnessed and gave them the index of the Sierra.

On looking in my car they found an item that beongs to someone I'm working for. I had been given it for use in their van, but had accidently collected it up with my stuff when I finished. They further arrested me for theft, impersonating a Police Officer (as I had given chase!!), Dangerous driving and about 5 other things...they also questioned why I had some Blue strobes in my car which are 24V alarm strobes and Panel Indicators!!

I was handcuffed and taken to a Police station, there I was kept for 23 hours without food and only two small cups of water. Interviewed at 1am (I was arrested at 17:40 hours) and the cell was freezing, no blankets or bedding. To make matters worse, they used the theft charge as an excuse to then seach my home and that of my mother (the mind boggles on that logic as I haven't spoken to her in a about 5 months!!).

They siezed loads of tools, my computers, DVD's and loads of other gear claiming they were all stolen property.

They were so disapointed when I got a person to bring papaers proving I owned the tools, Dell confirmed the main machine, Rock the laptop and the self build was bloody obvious.

Most of the gear was returned tuesday, but the rest only was released today. The item from the employer was confirmed by 7pm on Monday night, yet they failed to tell me or my Solicitor that as it was all they had to hold me on.

In the finish I was simply charged with "Inconsiderate Driving"


I can understand them being peeved at seeing me go through a red light, I accept I was not paying attention properly and it was potentially dangerous, I intend to plead Guilty in court to the charge. But the rest is just rubbish, they were playing at being God simply because they could.

I know that your an ex plod Thermo, but I am sorry to say that from now on I will not get involved, the Police can kiss my brown stained ring piece and fly a kite.

If all these incidents had occured under one force, I would say it was a force issue, but this is three forces in unrelated incidents. This is young coppers being Nazi bully boys and using the law as a truncheon to trample peoples rights and good old common sense.

Then they complain they get no respect from the public...Oh what a surprise there!!
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Big_Spark said:
I am sorry to say that from now on I will not get involved,
Very good advice and yet it was Mr Reid suggesting a month ago for more measures for us to help the police. Really sorry to hear your bad experience and I don't really blame the police although common sense should be use, I blamed these stupid Government red tapes. I have 2 friends who are policeman is sick & tired of these Labour policies of running the police station

If anyone cut me up I just slow down, stay out of it and count to 10.
I've never had any dealings with the Police - ever. Why is it always you?

What is it about you that gets you into car crashes without even trying?

Something odd here.
joe-90 said:
I've never had any dealings with the Police - ever. Why is it always you?

What is it about you that gets you into car crashes without even trying?

Something odd here.

Maybe because I see the world around me and notice these things..and likely the fact that I drive more than 100,000 miles a year as an average means I am likely to see more than the majority of drivers...

From now on though I shall simply drive past...
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Seems to me the safest place to drive is anywhere that Big_Spark isn't.... ;)

But as to the 'reported behaviour' of the police, then when the politicians talk tough it tends to filter down the ranks....but not tough behaviour against real criminals - of course not, just against those that they find it easier to 'bully'..
Big spark, 100,000 miles a year!

No disrespect, but unless you have changed your occupation as a self employed electrician, you either are not doing much work or you are driving round for at least 8 hours each day.
My office was 75 miles each way and in addition to that I regularly drove all over the north of england and wales and the best, (or worst ) that I came up with was around 60000 miles per year.
If I am wrong and you are doing that mileage in addition to your job as an electrician no wonder you are involved in as many incidents as you say, you must be dead beat at the end of the day.
I know I struggled some days and must confess that one or two near misses were down to my tiredness.
It caught up in the end as I ended up in the cc unit.
Take my word it wasn't worth it.
Its reassuring to hear that the police are so pro active, most reports I hear of is of apathy and not wanting to get involved as it involves paper work, etc., Its good that you acknowledge your mistake at the roundabout but I think you were wrong on all counts but should be forgiven, go do some community work. ;)
I used to have no time for the police but now I'm older I just ask myself ''would I won't to do the job?, no-way.
speaking of driving so many miles p/a i feel sorry for the bloke who drives up and down the M1, everyday he has to crash his car / break down some where near jnc 9*, perhaps he took an alternative route and met big_spark

*in reality it probably is not the same bloke, but the number of break downs / crashes between 11 + 9, makes me think it IS the same bloke
Right, lets get one thing blooming straight here..I was NOT INVOLVED in these two accidents..I simply witnessed them

How many of that drive all the time see accidents? I'll bet the majority drive past without batting an eyelid, we all see too many every year, but to be honest these are the only two accidents I have actually seen happen in a while..and hopefully for a while too.

Being a witness to an accident does not make you responsible for it...well I hope not anyway :LOL:

Regarding how many miles I drive a year, well I average about 150 per day monday to friday (39,000 pa). I do about 200 per day on the weekend (20800), on top of that I average about 50 miles per night running about in the car(13,000) and then on top of all this, I drive to Scotland once a month..(~12,000 pa) and about once a month I drive to the North of Spain for a long weekend and do so via France as I hate being on Ferries (~20,000 pa)..the total is 104,800 based on the averages.

Now I am not saying I do this amount EVERY year, but the average is around that. I have done some 240,000 miles in one year once..and I was shattered most of the time, and certainly came close to being a statistic on a couple of occasions..hence the reduction..

Recently I did a job for a friend as work was a bit quiet, he wanted me to follow his Guys around and ensure the jobbing work they had done for a number of housing associations was to an acceptable standard and that the Guys had not upset the tennant etc. The properties were spread all over Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambs. I simply had a list of completed works and had to drive around to each and every one to check the work..but as I was not there long, I was clocking up more than 300 miles some days..a lot of people were not in, but I would guestimate I averaged some 250 per day for 9 weeks..and that was 7 days a week...that is about 15K miles on it's own..

I'll be honest though when I say I no longer enjoy driving, have stopped being a driver for friends out on the lash and want to severally curtail the amount of driving I do..
I think the gentleman doth protest too much.

I know taxi drivers that drive less miles.
um! Big_Spark
I think there was a touch of road rage at the beginning of that last post :LOL:
Big_Spark said:
I have done some 240,000 miles in one year once..and I was shattered most of the time

I'm not surprised, thats more than 657 miles (at least 9.5 hours in a car) a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Did you work as well, or were you doing it for an endurance bet?
I, too am loosing faith in the police. Several times recently I have had to report incidents to them. Every time I have to phone the call centre for south yorkshire and be put through to communications. If i'm reporting a shoplifter, they always ask "are they still there?" WHY??? Its not going to make them come any quicker is it? And the length of time i've been on the phone getting through to this jobsworth doesn't help either!

I had to phone for assistance one night in the shop, there were a huge gang of youths outside causing us grief, coming in in their 5's and 6's nicking stuff, no good when theres only 2 staff. An hour later 2 officers turn up. The kids have gone and my shop is £100+ worth lighter (trust me, I asked them to leave several times, there was absolutely nothing I could have done, short of locking them in the shop and risking personal injury). :( I just told them straight, there's no point you being here. I phoned an hour ago, when I NEEDED you. Give me strength! :cry:
What is it with yo guys, big-spark makes a valid point about police apathy or misplaced priorities and most of you seem interested in picking his story about. What is this a kangaroo court?

Who cares wether he does so much mileage or not. The point is he saw some worrying possible abuses or power and lack of humanity that would make me question my faith in the police as well.

I usually have respect for cops but my dad used to teach them about going into schools and he said some of them were such rough charqacters he wouldn't trust them with his own safety.
I've seen none of this however so I find big-sparks experiences worrying.

(I assumed big-spark is a bloke, sorry if I got it wrong.
I forgot to mention, SY police now deal with many shoplifting offences by post. :eek: :mad: :eek: :mad: :eek: :mad: :eek:

Thats right, BY POST. They send us a padded envelope and witness pack. We fill it in and send it back with a tape. The long arm of the law just got longer. Quite frankly, I cant be arsed.
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