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Here's number 2 & it's a wee cracker;

How to empty any radiator without all that messy draining!!!

Get a 1/2" radiator brass air plug, solder a schuders(?) tyre air valve into it.

Turn off both the LS & TRV, remove any of the two top plugs from the radiator & connect your soldered plug(above), open your LS radiator valve, connect a foot pump to your air valve, pump all the water out the radiator(this will go into the F&E tank or out through the PRV if the system water pressure goes above 3Bar). You'll hear the air gurgle through the LS valve when the rad is empty, then turn off the LS valve before disconnecting the radiator. You should be left with little or no water in the radiator, but always have a few old towels & plastic dish to hand - you don't want to damage the white deep s**g pile!!!.......... :LOL: ;)

PS. For the hard of thinking, don't forget to cap the TRV!!!

Or do what I do, and use the (overpriced) Kamco inhibitor introduction pump
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4 Nov 2010
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Also don't forget to carry a spare PRV with you to replace the one on the system that's now leaking as you've got **** in it by pumping mucky heating water out of it.
I found a prv on the loop of a Vaillant a few years ago. Boiler had failed expansion vessel, local rgi had fitted prv to top up boiler automatically!!!!
<sarcasm>Someone remind me again, what's so brilliant about sealed systems </sarcasm> :rolleyes:
18 Oct 2007
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pump all the water out the radiator (this will go into the F&E tank)
Provided there is enough space in the F&E tank, otherwise you lose some out of the overflow!

A by-product of this, with a F/E tank, is that you don't lose any inhibited water, so no need to add another can (unless tests show the concentration is too low).
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Here's todays top tip;

Your in the Plumbers' Merchants looking for a diverter valve, but all they have is a mid position valve & it'll be two days before they can get you a diverter, well no problemo, here's what you do to use a mid-poss as a diverter;

To divert AB-B to AB-A
Isolate the orange, make it electrically safe, connect white & grey together & power up the white/grey to divert.

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