Dimplex Opti-Myst fires

Thanks again.

Pro tem, I've just connected a spare 5V phone type charger to the fan which turns on when the fire turns on. Can't see that it matters that the fan is operating even when the mist maker isn't.

Very grateful for the guidance.
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It matters not a jot that the fan runs without the mist-maker active--Good improvisation to repair the fire--So long as it works, is perfectly safe--who cares whats behind the scenes making it work as it were!
Hi. I'm inaustralia and had an optimist fire sent to me 4 years ago. The transducer has failed. Older sump with blue tank. I have bought 1.7 MHz transducers. Any ideas on how to revue the board from 2.2 to 1.7? Thanks in advance. Andrew
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How do you know the transducer has failed....? If its not broken physically, not gone black/lost metallic coating due to poor water/cleaning or very heavily pitted due to same, then it will work. They are the last part that fails with these things!

Normal mode of failure for the mist-maker is the electronic driver-board and not the transducers.
It has gone black. We went on holidays, daughter stayed at home. Didn't use fire and didn't empty the sump. Kids.......gotta love em:)
Hi guys!
I have a problem
that can break?
which means 5 signals?
3 months, he does not start immediately, indicating that there is no water (it was)
Your mist-maker is faulty, not the disc, the complete mist maker must be replaced, as its the potted/sealed type.
many thanks.
where can I order it?
what price? and whether counterparts?
The problem is that I am from Russia :(
A UK company Maplin did do them, but recently discontinued them. I dont know of another source at the moment except makers dimplex.
Or any of thousands of garden centres and department stores who sell mist makers - all you need to do is to find one which will be submerged when plopped into the trough.
Question for AlastairE.
I have been reading your posts with interest as we have a mammoth problem with our Cassington optimist series A.
After18 months of minimal use (and making sure water tank was emptied & sump cleaned), we found the mist was not working. A phone call to Dimplex told us the transducer needed replacing at a cost of £188. we felt this was a rip off and not fit for purpose failing after such a short time but Dimplex were not bothered. Long story short, we used the fire without mist for some time and then we moved.
On relocating we decided we would bite the bullet & buy new transducer, now costing £198. We fitted it and all was beautiful again for 6 days and then it stopped. On checking we found the fan was not working so purchased a new fan. The new fan worked but the mist would not rise as the bulbs had decided to stop working. Rang dimplex for some info and they suggested it could be pcb or lampholder. We went for pcb as it was cheaper and upon inspection there was a small burn spot on the existing pcb.
New pcb arrived and fitted and still not working. Checking everything out with the meter showed the transformer was not functioning so in for a penny, in for a pound, we found the transformer online for £38 instead of the dimplex ridiculous three figure sum. Connected everything up but lamps still not working.
It appears on testing connections etc with a meter than the transformer is ok on the in side but the out side is not calling for power. We have checked with the meter the lamps and all are looking ok so we are now at a loss. Are we missing something or is the lamp holder likely to be faulty (and why is it so expensive?).
Another question please, how do we get in to take the map holder out to replace?
Really appreciate your help as there doesn't seem to be any way to get hold of an exploded view of this fire or any servicing manuals. Just to explain, I am not an electrician but a gas/oil engineer and have over 35years of experience with boiler repairs, pcb's and electrics on heating systems etc

ps. wish we knew about you when the transducer failed as we would have been thrilled for you to repair it.
Most common failure of the halogen-lamps not working is the lamp-holders themselves. --They don't normally ALL fail together however, so I suspect summit else....

Ive not had a Toroidal 12V Lamp transformer fail in one of these--YET!--but have had the connection-block to the lamp-holder tails fail.
--IF there's Mains Input TO the lamp Transformer--There'll be power coming Out of it--OR its faulty, however, there's a relay between the Transformer and the mains (on mains side of Tx) and this relay is positioned on and controlled by the control-board.

Another fault that's presenting at the age these fires are at is the LED 12V DC Power-Supply that the control-board and mist-maker are supplied by--When this goes, There's no operation of the fire, lights dark and no mist, or crazy flashing on/off of LED's in logs and beeping of controller when you try and turn the effect on.
--This should produce 12V DC to the Control-Board at all times the Mains-Switch on the fire is on, and also when the fire effect/lights/smoke etc is selected.

--They are only £8.50 so worth changing anyway. Be sure its a DC 12V LED supply rated at 30W. --Ive used these quite successfully-

They are fractionally longer than the original, but still fit. They are marked for voltage and polarity just like the original easy to changeover and are equivalent to the original.

NEVER use the more usual 12V Halogen type lighting supply to replace it with, as these are AC and will destroy the control-board and mist-maker.

These Opti-Myst fires are a great idea--Very Crappily made, with cheapo components. Dimplex don't help as they are profiteering on the cost of the idea--And the spares, IMHO.
we felt this was a rip off and not fit for purpose failing after such a short time but Dimplex were not bothered.
You were absolutely right about that.

And you had a clear cut right to a refund from the people who sold it to you.

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