Dissection !

26 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
There are two regular posters in the Plumbing section particularly who dont actually contribute to the relevant discussion but just "quote" previous posts and then seek to dissect them sentence by sentence.

I find it very tedious to see perhaps 80 lines of someones posting repeated and followed by one line or sometimes just one word, usually "rubbish" or similar.

Obviously the site Owner is aware of this because he said in this section:-

"""Can we try to communicate together in a sensible manner and stop dwelling on past forum events. We (including most viewers) do not want to see endless threads dissecting every sentence written here – there are hopefully more interesting events to discuss@@@

Could he have a word with the two people concerned to hopefully get them to stop posting all the time like this? Or does anyone find them even mildly interesting?

Moderator, it may have been one of the moderators who wrote the comment above so the site owner may not be aware of it, it's best to email to [email protected] who have all the members emails then the site owner can get in touch with the moderators for what action to take ;)
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