Don't let them screw you!

25 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
A certain kitchen company who's name rhymes with "Phlegm Heff Pie", I've been having some trouble with them recently.

Due to a stuff up at their end, I didn't get all the bits when they delivered my kitchen. When I eventually got them all and started building, I found that I had a couple of broken bits. Now, these are 18mm carcasses. The only way you could "accidentally" damage them would be if you have a penchant for walking around the house swinging a sledge hammer at random. :LOL: ADHD DIYer?

But the bu**ers at customer services wouldn't hear any of it as it was now about 2 days out of their "14-day customer charter" period. But, I did some looking on the internet and discovered some magic words... "Sale and Supply of Goods Act". Basically, if they sell you defect goods and you report the defect "within a reasonable time", they are meant to replace them. If they refuse, they are obliged to offer compensation. Any attempt to make you sign away your statutory rights is a CRIMINAL offence (yup, criminal offence!), therefore if any of you shop at this place, check out the wording of the charter and you will see it doesn't actually mandate anything. They might just as well write "could you tell us about any damage within 14 days, if it isn't any bother. No matter if you can't, only asking".

So, I wrote a very polite and eloquent letter. I stated the facts, after all I just wanted what I had paid for. I didn't make wild claims about legal action, I didn't put in shouty bits about how they better pay for some takeaways to cover that period for instance. I just stated the necessary paras of the above legislation.

Well, I might have accidentally disclosed the name of their customer helpline representative, along with details of her insinuations as to my motives, along with the time and date of the call. "You state that you may record my call for training purposes, might I recommend that you review my call for the purposes of her training." :LOL:

One week later, the pieces are here. Dunno why it takes 4 weeks to get a kitchen when I pay for delivery, and 1 week when I don't, but there you go.

Why am I writing this on here? Well, for anyone who gets annoyed at all the whinging and griping on here, THIS PROVES COMPLAINING ABOUT STUFF WORKS! ;)
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It sure does.

I'm no Victor Meldrew by any stretch, but I complain if I feel short-changed in any "transaction". Everyone should, then co's would buck their ideas up and we wouldn't be the down-trodden people we often are.
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No, too much work on. Plus I need to buy some saw-horses and pray for fine weather! Today would have been ideal.