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22 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
Hi all.....

We have a upvc front door that was in place when we moved in to our house.

We're getting a terrable draught from it and as autumn is now upon us, we're feeling the cold.

Are there any ways to stop this? can the door be adjusted?
We can also hear road traffic through it when standing next to it, but if we push the door closer shut, it quieten down a little.

Any help appreciated.

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The door latch need adjusting, loosen screw and re-adjust.
Hi masona

Having looked at the door, it doesn't seem to be adjustable.
The latch sits in a groove and is flush with the edge of the door.
The recess that hte latch sits in when the door is closed is alos fixed and can't be adjusted.

I'm very surprised that this door can't be adjusted!
Am i missing somesthing? Does anyone else have a upvc door that can't be adjusted?

Any advice appreciated.

Andy :rolleyes:
AndyJay said:
I'm very surprised that this door can't be adjusted!
I'm surprised too !
Does anyone else have a upvc door that can't be adjusted
Never heard of it ! Normally they are all adjustable.
Have you loosen the screws of the door latch and does it move sideway ?

A picture of your hinges would be great.
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PS. The door frame recess plate is rivited and has no screws

The right picture, if you take out the latch, has it got a flat plate 90 degree coming off it ? or if you loosen the screw can it move sideway? Look to me a wrong type of door latch because it's a mortise latch where the door latch type have a plate to guide latch of the into the plate.

The middle picture, you have a cover which clip over the plate. You maybe able to prise it off or the screw on the side may do something or the top rubber grommet to prise off etc.

Before you do all this find out where you want the door to pull in, if it's on the door latch then leave the hinge side alone.
Thanks again masona for posting your reply.

I' going to take a good look at it tomorow and report back.

If you take off the black cap you may find that there is an allen key adjuster in the top this may allow you to adjust it up and down a little or as masona says take off the the plate that covers the hinge face the small rectangular bit with what looks like a screw in the end may be holding it on then you will expose the screws that hold the hinge to the door they are usually located in slots in the hinge and you should then be able to adjust the door.
You could try loosening them off then close the door and engage the latch by lifting the handle then lift the door slightly and tighten the hinges.
If when you then disengage the latch the door will not open lossen the screws again repeat and lift the door a little more before tightening the hinges again.
It is also possible that the screw in the end adjusts the door in or out in the plane of the hinges and then you will have to remove the covering plate and loosen the hinges anyway.
After all that I meant to ask is the gap where the door is not closing fully or is it at the top or bottom.
Do all the catches engage when you pull the handle up.
If its not closing fully is it actually possible to push it tight shut.

If your problem is because the door is not closing tight then its unlikely to be the hinges can the catches for the mortise latch and the locking latches,in the frame be moved backwards and forwards? if so then move them forwards so the door latches tighter in.

B****r me sorry that was so long winded :eek: :eek: :eek:

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