DVLA SORN system oficially ****** and legally unenforceable.



I got fined over sorn on a motorcycle , the written summon's I got stated , word's to the effect , that I would be let off if I had an extraordinary excuse ??? I wrote back & told them that I had been abducted by alien's , that's pretty extraordinary ??? they did not want to know , un-exceptable reason apparently !!!!!!!!

Admittedly, that's a poor response, you could have said that you were a Jedi knight (a recognised religion officially! - apparently), and the Force had affected the motor/hoverbike.. :LOL:

I say that because some guy was in the dole office recently, and staff told him to take his hoodie down, and was ejected from the building for refusing..so complained, saying he was a member of the Jedi, and they had to apologise to him(!)

I had my motorbike stolen, reported it to the police, they just sent a form to me, one of the questions was 'Who is the current owner of the vehicle?', to which I replied, "A thief? You tell me", they never found it, or told me.
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I've had direct experience of dealing with IT organisations run by companies such as, but not necessarily including any of, EDS, Fujitsu-Siemens, Capita, Serco....

I have seen what Lincsbodger says many times.

Indeed, my experiences also do not include HBS Business Services or Capita............


Or if TUPE'd you can play them at their own game, i.e, make it abundantly clear when outsourced to your PM / Line manager whoever, that you don't wish to work on the project anymore, use the TUPE'd companies training resources to retrain into something more industry specific, then either work on other projects within the organisation, or if like mine you thought they were all rubbish, leave.
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