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23 Jun 2005
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United Kingdom
I am having similar problem with my economy 7 immersion water heater tank. My property is all electric & approx 15 yrs old.
I have a problem when I go to switch on my immersion heater that it immediately trips the house fuse box.
My immersion heater has 2 switches, one for immediate use & one for the timer.
The problem seems only to occur when I press the switch on for the immediate use, but does not trip the house fuse box when left on just the timer switch is on.

The water is being heated at night on timer, but seems to be very hot the following day, and ocassionally when heating during night the water makes a noise like a kettle boiled loudly before switching off.

I have had an electrician around and the person concluded that it was probably something to do with the element on the immersion heater.

Can this be right, as it is heating water correctly when just the timer switch is on and not tripping the house fuse box ??

Can I, an amateur attempt to change element and or thermostat & How??

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Not much of an electrician if he can't work that out, is my first, possibly cynical old git response.

SOunds like the one element has "gone" and is blowing the fuse - standard behaviour. It's the immediate one which is probably higher on the tank.

Also, the thermostat on the Timed element may need adjusting or replacing.

Thermostats are very easy to change. Elements are not, especially if in the side of the tank which I suspect your are. First you'd drain the water, then you need specific spanners and the diy-shed ones often won't do the job. You could buy the right tool (cast iron spanner) from a plumbers merchant for less than you'd have to pay a plumber, but you'd probably find it a hassle, it varies.
Thanks for your advice.
Does only the (top) instant use Element need replacing or Both?
Also if I was to get the correct spanner, would draining the tank & fitting new element be possible by me an Amateur( not skilled) or should I leave it to a Plumber?
How long does it take to do, if I was to hire a plumber as hourly costs are worrying me.
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Hourly costs in deepest Sussex are V. reasonable ;)

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