electrical/fire regulations for electrical equipment in loft

10 Oct 2003
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United Kingdom
I want to put a power socket in my loft; the idea is that I want to have a computer running up there (as a server so I can back stuff up onto it etc. and hopefully it wouldn't get nicked if someone breaks into my house). My loft isn't boarded etc., though it is insulated and wouldn't be classified as a functioning room (we use it for storing junk), though it is quite big. Are there any regulations that would prevent me from getting an electrician to install a couple of power sockets in there and then attaching a computer to them? I'm guessing that there might be fire regulations governing what equipment you're allowed to install in a roof space, but it's not something I know anything about. I'd be willing to put floorboards down in the loft if I had to in order to accomplish this.

any suggestions more than welcome...
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There are no electrical rules preventing a double socket or two in the loft, and if you haven't already got one, adding a light is a good idea too.
(personally I like a string switch above the trap door.)
Usually the existing power ring and lighting circuits can be extended, often routing cables up in trunking in the back of a built in cupboard or similar from an existing socket.
The bigger questions are if the computer will be OK in the loft - how hot does it get in summer or cold in the winter - you may wish to insulate the sloping sections to make a so called warm roof, rather than the floor as is more usual, as otherwise the loft is effectively outside the house, and condensation on the PC may not be good for it in the long run!
also how strong is the loft floor, some houses are very thin on the wood, and the ceiling has no real strength in itself.
regards M.
cool, that's good news then.

I hadn't thought about potential condensation etc. - the sloping bits aren't insulated and it will probably get pretty hot in the summer and cold in the winter. There is no floor in the loft (just joists over the ceiling panels) so I have to walk on the joists when I go up there. I'll have to put a wooden platform on top of the joists for the computer to sit on, but I figure this is well within even my meagre diy capabilities! (I'll get someone competent to do the electrical stuff though)

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