Euro 46 V10 - First time Installing an alarm system

27 Apr 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi all

Wonder if you could help me out with this project of installing and setting up my first ever alarm system in my property.

I have a euro 46 V10 system and have read manuals and hopefully interpreted the instructions correctly.

I have seem many wiring diagrams and have picked the N/C option as there are no use of resistors from what I understand.

I have 4 Zones, Zone 1 is front door and is a magnetic contact and the rest are all PIR sensors.

A internal speaker is also connected.

Please could you take a look at the panel and see if you can think of anything that my be incorrect.

Alarm 1.jpg

I am aware that I do have to change a setting for N/C wiring to be used.

The Deltabell has been wired as per the diagram below.

Databell wireing.PNG

But what I would like to do is to have the ENG hold option working.

Looking at the instructions for the Deltabell the ENG hold on the databell to the NC option on the PGM is simple but what confuses me is the C on the PGM to 0 volts? if you look on the 3rd diagram does this reflect what I have drawn in red as I am unsure where you get 0volts from otherwise?

Alarm 3.PNG

I will be turning the system on for the first time, what will I expect to happen?
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Without knowing how tand to what he far ends of the cables are connected it is impossible to say if it is wired correctly.

Out of curiousity why has some of the label text been redacted using Paint ( or similar ) image editing software.

The label text was me - its not marked out on the actual board - I did not know if it was anything sensitive etc.

The sensors have been done like the following

Alarm 4.PNG

12V = Red
0V = Black

A EOL - Blue
A - White
Tamper Yellow
Tamper Orange

On the door contact white and blue are attached to the individual side of the reed switch and the tampers are twisted together.

haven't got a picture of actual sensor at this moment of time.
hi all here are the pictures to the pir and databell. hopefully someone can tell me if all of what I have done is correct.

Also I am unsure about the jumpers on the databell none have been adjusted, are they in the right position? and the eng hold function on the alarm for the databell I have used the brown wire but on the alarm panel do I put that in to the NC on the PGM?


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Bottom JUMPER on the Deltabell, looks like it is set on external battery, you want that to be on internal so in a event of the panel power not working it will use the battery in the bell box. You don’t need the green cable in LED on the PIR unless you want to disable the PIR LED light
Hi thanks for the reply, regarding the led wire I clocked what I had done and it is now disconnected and the jumper I have moved it.

Only issue I have now is I turned the alarm on for the first time. I heard a tone from the speaker which is connected and I associated that with a power on tone , when i looked at the keypad there was nothing. It was dead. Literally few min after and I hear a beep tone start and it is constant. The bell outside dont go off just behaves as normal.

I checked the wireing to the keypad was correct and there was no break in the wire from the pannel to the keypad and there wernt and in the end powered the keypad direct from the battery as a test and it lit up.

All my PIR sensors seeme to be behaving correctly.

Do I have an issue with the main board?
Hold down D on the keypad, after while it should say security code, if nothing happens at all then looks like 12v issue, because just 12v on the keypad you should be getting message saying RS485 failure. Also try down power and power back up
I have tried that and there is nothing. They key pad dont light up nor says anything. I measured the terminals at the board and there is no voltage. I have also powered it down and back up and still nothing.
From the speaker that is a conected there is a beep....beep...beep tone which lasts for 2 seconds at a time.
There is a fuse above keypad terminal, one is battery and the other I believe is for the keypad. Check the fuse. Should have 12v
Hi all

Right, i have checked the continuity of all fuses and they all work especially the one called BUS.

Below is the rear of the keypad and a pic of the main panel.



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