Fence problems with neighbours

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Damn neighbors!!!

Well you seem to be doing the right thing, and i hope they end up with egg on their faces!! Good luck

Sounds like a nightmare neighbour :eek: :evil:

I cant visualise what you are saying about their extension and your wall being linked?!! and the drainpipe issue is also hard to work out from words alone...

Can you please post some pictures showing the possible issue with regards to the wall(s) and drainpipe issue as we will have a much better idea.

You are DEFINATELY doing the right thing but do your best to not get them booked down as a formal 'nightmare neighbour' as this could make selling your house vvverrrry difficult. its bad for any potential buyer, but they 'may' get on with them better? :LOL:

You are totally entitled to build a new fence if it is your side of the boundary however I think it has to be 1 metre from the border iirc

Im guessing talking to them doesnt work?

if not, (pics needed) if it is an issue you could pursue the wall and drainage issue and use it as leverage if needed.

My current house is one of 3 in a row that were privately built by a private builder in the 1950's..
Luckily my neighbours are ok however if they werent there are several issues that could become a problem...
The builders were obviously flexible with their plans and as such boundary lines are very vague in some places and next door has a brick outbuilding poking about 2 foot over my boundary. In addition to drainpipes running down the same!

Hope you can get some piccies of it :)
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This one is from the side showing their back extension and beautiful oil tank etc.


Looking down the RHS of the posts and following up to the chimney stack at the top....this stack is exactly half and half between our identical properties (extension aside). The centre ridge of those tiles will be approx inline with the cavity between our properties. Follow that line down and you can see their extension goes over towards our side. Their extension outer wall is inline with our inner kitchen wall....therefore it's got to be at least a shared wall now (which we could use if we extended). I would therefore say the true original fence boundary line should follow that imaginary line down from the chimney (hence we are not taking their precious land!).

This is the drain...this then runs underground to another large drain outside our kitchen window. Unless this is for our land drainage too? The only definite feed to it is from that drain (which we don't need).

I hope these give a clearer picture :)
You are having a boundary dispute.

there is a great deal of irrelevant fog here.

whether your neighbours are nice or not, whether their garden is more or less beautiful than yours is not relevant.

if you are thinking of selling the house soon, get a copy of the Land Registry plan of your property (and theirs - you can get other people's now)

if your property is not registered, have a look at a copy of the deeds (your mortgage company or solicitor might have them).

Look at the boundaries marked, and compare them to the actuality on the ground.

Download a plan or register for the house you're buying for only £3 each. Find out what land's included, ownership, price paid and more.
Never mind your fence. They appear to have built on your land IMO.
Unless you gave them express permission or signed a party wall agreement of some sort, then your property has become smaller and theirs larger, cos they've nicked some of it! When was the extension built, were you living there at the time?

I don't know the rules and laws here but I'm thinking you could either sell them the land they've built on, or have the extension demo'ed. Forget the fence for now and seek professional advice, otherwise you will have big problems when selling up.
Well if you're not that bothered. I'd just wait til they go out and then put the fence where you propose. If they don't like it then tell them it's tough, if they knock it down then you've got them for criminal damage and trespass.


The next one is looking down from the top.....did I really have to look at that everyday the RHS ;) )

That looks much better, and much more sellable.
Although try and arrange viewings when you can be sure the old bat is out.
Mock up a fake leaflet from Aldi and put if through her door, advertising half price broomsticks 'n' pointy hats. Or some similar product that would catch her (one) eye. :evil:

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