Flexile hose to lead pipe?

19 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
I've got a flexible hose from sink tap with 15mm compression joint on end. I want to connect this to 3/4 inch lead pipe, what connector do i need? Alternatively, I've got a compression joint that will connect 15mm copper pipe to 3/4 inch lead but that leaves me unable to connect the 15mm end to flexible hose as both have thread on, is there a connector for these? Someone has said I need to use a piece of copper pipe between them but would be easier (and less joins!) if could use one connection. Had a look at the parts available in shop section and guess it's something with female connection on one end I need. Any help on this would be appreciated thanks.
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these what you have ??
Yes thats what i've got and need it to go to 3/4inch lead pipe. i've also got the compression joint as described in original post
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Hmmm. What diameter is your lead pipe? 1/2" is about 21mm
ChrisR said:
Hmmm. What diameter is your lead pipe? 1/2" is about 21mm

you sure about that?

i always thought an inch is 25mm, so half would be 12.5
you sure about that?

Well, it depends whether the 1/2" lead is 6lb or 7lb of course.

1/2" is the name, 1/2" is the bore diameter.

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