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25 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom
I have a push button WC, however I seem to be having a few problems with it. I believe that the flush valve may be broken. I get a constant (slow) stream of water into the pan after I flush the toilet (by that I mean after the flush has taken place).

It would be difficult to detect by the eye unless you look close. As the water level goes down in the cistern as a result of this the fluidmaster valve opens again and the toilet refills (this happens about 10 minutes after the original flush!).

I know the inlet valve is a fluidmaster but I can not say what make the flushvalve is. All I can say is that it is blue and is operated by a push button attached to the cistern lid. There are no cables (like some have), instead a threaded rod screws into the spring loaded button and this pushes on the flush valve to operate it. (Hope that makes sense). I've adjusted this but it makes no diffeence

From my investigations the whole flush valve body is free to move, as if it isn't screwed in tightly enough!

If anyone could name the type of flush valve I have or confirm why there is a constant dribble I'd be very greatful. Apologies for the lengthy message.

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"If anyone could name the type of flush valve "

I'd name it "leaky". They are kinda wobbly, many click together and apart. Its a case of finding the rubber seal and inspecting. Or spend <£20 on a new one.
I came across one of these once. The exmple had two buttons. One for small flush one for big jobs. Turned out the button tops were catching on each other (and therefore not popping up properly). Gave exactly the symptoms you describe. I lifted out the buttons ran a file round the bottom edge of the buttons, problem solved.

There's customer service for you, I was only there to build a garden wall :!: .
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Have you disturbed the flush pipe underneath??
If the pipe gets pushed too far up the outlet of the cistern then it can stop the valve from seating properly and you get a leak like yours, most manufactorers recommend only 20mm of flushpipe is inserted into the outlet...thats not much!!.

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