26 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
i dont like the game never have never will

but i overheard a conversation with some blokes on a job i was on . they where going on about this player and that player

i listened enought to realise the players that where playing for uk clubs where not even uk born > but ringers bought in to help the club win

then i took a look at the clubs on the internet and a lot of these clubs have foreign players now ? wtf is that about

i thought you had to be born in the uk to play in a uk team

if not why not we need to keep this sport for our own young not to be sold to the highest bidders

the FA should be ashamed allowing ringers to be brought in from other countrys

i would even go as far as this

you want to play for newcastle united ? ok where you born in newcastle NO then sorry you cant play there bye bye

same goes for all the major clubs lets support our own young players
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Slogger, I have to say i do agree with you on this.

If a team is named after its place of origin, then it should use local talent, no matter what the sport. Manchester United - how many of its players currently reside in Manchester? Raise the stakes higher - how many of its players were BORN in Manchester? :rolleyes:

Beckham - now there's a 2-faced git. Played for ENGLAND AND REAL MADRID. :?: :?: :?: FFS.

Unfortunately, sport is all about money these days, and being able to afford better players is the name of the game. Really one of the reasons I dont follow much sport. Too much sponsorship / advertising / financial dealings involved.
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