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Welcome to DIYNOT Forums :D

Please familiarise yourself with the forum rules and enjoy the site!.

Please Report any post you feel deserves our attention with the
button. There are several moderators but not every unreported post is read. We do read all reports and they are stored. We generally don't get into discussions but will note or take action in accordance with the forum rules and norms.

1) This is a friendly site and we ask that everyone is treated with respect! :D

1a) Abusive or unhelpful posts are not welcome on this site and are always removed! Don't be a TROLL!
1b) Posts which seek to avoid the forum word-censor may be removed without warning.
1c) Posts which seek to bully or otherwise target individual members (ad hominem comments) may be removed without warning.
1d) Any comments concerning forum administration or moderation should be addressed to [email protected] and not raised within posts.
If the matter is raised in the thread or in a new post, then thread, section or site bans may be imposed.

2) Posts should be topic relevant and threads that become abusive will be closed!

3) NO Free advertising!

Any adverts will be removed. Please contact [email protected] if you wish to advertise.

4) Posts or Signatures should not contain any contact details.

4b) Signature rules are HERE

5) Please do not duplicate your posts (includes other forums).

6) Do not hi-jack posts.

Hi-jacking is adding your query to somebody else's thread.

7) Please avoid excessive use of bold text, capitals or larger fonts as it is considered to be SHOUTING! :evil:

8 ) Please do not resurrect old threads. Start a new thread if you have a similar query.

9 ) Job Pricing.

Please do not rely on prices given. You should get quotes from Tradespeople that have been recommended to you.

10) Please post your query in the correct forum.

11) Please do not use excessive quoting in your posts.

12) Please do not post to repeat material already deemed inappropriate.

13) NEVER post any other member's personal details or information which may be used for identification.

14) If you find you have a message such as " You have insufficient privileges to post here"
it usually means that something you posted in a thread broke the rules. If you had a post deleted, that will be the case. If a moderator feels you are likely to repeat, or if you have you can be barred from the thread, other threads, a section or the whole forum. Do not ask about it on the forum (see 1d).

15) Please don't promote or echo conspiracists sites. Don't post "news" known to be fake unless declaring it as such. That's Trolling.

Help us keep the forum tidy!.

General information

A) Any suggestions or Queries should be sent to [email protected].

B) Please alert the Moderators to any "Spam posts" or "inappropriate content" .

C) Posts may be removed without warning at Moderators' discretion.

D) How to post a picture and other forum information can be found HERE .

E) If you wish to edit your post use the

F) This site has an ignore facility which enables you to "ignore" posts from certain people of your choice.

FINALLY ............

A THANK YOU is always appreciated by our members if you have been given good advice.
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Not open for further replies.