From 2000 XP To XP Office

6 Dec 2005
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United Kingdom
Hoping this doesn't seem like a daft query but here goes anyway.
Until recently I had Office XP Standard for Students on my pc, which included Word and Excel etc. Then I had a virus problem and my local computer shop fixed it by re-installing Windows. Only it is the XP version, hence no Word or Excel. I have the original disks. Do I simply put the disks in the CD drive and load Office XP on top of XP or do I have to uninstall XP first?

Would appreciate some help please.
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go ahead and put in the office xp cd.

if its of any use, i have xp pro and ordainairy office, works fine.

i dont think much to your computer shop though

have you not got any av protection? if not go to and get avg its free
Thanks for the swift reply Breezer.

The antivirus software had expired and I thought the firewall in XP would be sufficient protection anyway. Turns out the pc had been used previously on a local area network so maybe the XP firewall had been disabled to avoid conflict with the firewall in the router?

Anyway I have antivirus now (eTrust EZ) and it seems to work fine. Had Norton on my old pc but seemed to slow it down, had loads of problems trying to renew the subscription when I forgot my password and their eventual email response was full of corporate-speak, but thin on actual help.

Many thanks.
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happy to help.

but a fire wall is not the same as anti virus

a fire wall tells any pc that is asking that you are not there. the good ones also ask before they let a prog acess the internet