front loader washing machiene over loaded, not me



Most will say they NEVER over load their washing machiene (m/c) , but do you really know if you have overloaded it.. If you do overload it it will be ok wont it?

Ideally you should weigh the items be for they are to be washed they should not exceed the m/c stated load. A rule of thumb is if you can see the back of the drum then the m/c is ok, if you can not take something out.

by over loading the m/c you cause premature wear. when it spins the drum will actually spin in a very slightly bigger circle that it should. This causes wear on the bearing seal. when sufficently worn the bearing seal lets in water (not a lot) this water corrodes the bearings, also oil / grease from bearings gets into m/c bearings eventually get "worn out" and break, when this happens when your m/c spins it will sound like an "aircraft taking off" there may also be odd spots on the clothes and brown water on the floor

and all because you put in that couple of extra items to be washed

also a front loader relies on the clothes falling over each other (in wash cycle) to drive the water through to remove the dirt so if you overload it not only are you harming the m/c you do not get a good wash. It is better to do 2 small washes than one big wash.
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But it's not fair for us blokes. Girls wear much smaller pants, plus skirts are smaller than trousers. So they can fit a couple of weeks worth in a load and still have room left over for the ball full of detergent.

But for those of us with undies that could be hoisted up a flag pole and used to warn distant ships of bad weather, we're lucky to get one pair in!

As soon as I am in a position where £1000 doesn't seem like a stupid amount to spend on a washing machine, I will get one of those Dyson contra-rotating ones that holds about 10kg per load. Of course, by then I will also be able to afford a house with a separate utility room so I don't have to have a great big purple i-Mac style thing in my kitchen. ;)

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