Fused spur and radial new extension

16 Aug 2005
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
I have fed the conservatory via a fused spur from the kitchen ring main. The first double socket is wired in 2.5mm as is the ring, can I wire the 2nd and final socket in 1.5mm?

The 2 upstairs bedrooms (20m2 total area) are to be fed with a 2.5mm radial. Can the last socket in the run be in 1.5mm?

My cables cross at right angles at various points within the allowable zones, is this okay?

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It might be possible to use 1.5mm² depending on serveral factors, but it'd be seen as bad practice, use 2.5mm²

In the case of the 16A radial for example, what if someone doesn't notice what has been done for example, and upgrades it to a 32A ring, you have now got a ring final with a section of 1.5mm² in it, which would be a bad thing.
bandit1200 said:
can I wire the 2nd and final socket in 1.5mm?

Can the last socket in the run be in 1.5mm?
Why are you so keen on using 1.5mm² cable?
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Ive done it in 2.5mm now, thought I was going to run out and had lots of 1.5mm. Another question - I have now completed the mains wiring and want to install two runs of coax, one for aerial and one for sat. Do the cables have to be 50mm away from mains, or does that rule not apply to these? How in any case do you get the outlets on the same level as the mains sockets, if the cable run is on line?

More daft questions are very likely!
The "50mm separation or additional insulation" rule does not normally get applied to domestic TV coaxes as the mains twin andd earth is already double insulated by its construction, and in practice there is no real danger of a double insulation fault making the coax live, even if you were to wrap the mains lead and antenna leads together in intimate contact.
However for reasons of coupling interference, it is not good to run mains and delicate signal cables in close proximity if at all possible to avoid. try and avoid parallel stretches at all costs.

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