Gas exhaust and security light position?

22 Oct 2003
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United Kingdom

I'm trying to find out if what i want to do is against the rules and more important dangerous?

I have a gas exhaust from a combi boiler on the wall where i want to place a security light. The sizes are in the diagram below. Could anyone who knows the rules tell me if this is going to contravine any rules or be a hazard.

The position would be best left or right of the Red exhaust position, but i'm worried about efflux and heat and the possible flammable properties of the exhaust gasses?? basically any help will be appreciated.

Thanks all..


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Can you shrink that picture a bit!!

Well, flue gasses don't burn, they've just BEEN burned.

The dimensions vary for each boiler, so get hold of the Instructons. I suggest that the 200mm might be small, depending what exactly is above. Any gutter would need heat protection.

One obvious snag - the heat from the flue will turn a PIR light on if it can "see" it.

Distances from soil pipes are typically only 75mm, so if you put a lamp BELOW the flue by that or more I doubt you'd have a problem.
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Thank you both for the replies.

Sorry im a computer ludite i would luv to shrink the b***** pic but i

the exhaust flue actually extends a good 30cm from the wall so the guttering above is safe.

Thanx for the info


sorry i forgot, its not a PIR its switched on from inside when i want to light up the path.

The best place for the light would be between the Flue itself and the window pane, it was the gasses that i was worried about. The side of the light is cool bit the front of it gets a wee bit on the hot side.

Cheers again..


please note 10a ;)
if you have your manufactures instructions for your boiler it will help you safe bet is 300mm usually on most combis
With the flue poking out 300mm (contrary to boiler instructions) why bother about where a light is when it's on the wall?
Chris, i have found to my cost in my short DIY career that when your not sure about something (especially regarding something like gas) its best to ask questions of the more informed.

It'll save me from makin mistakes.

But thanx for your input


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