Gas regulator outside inspection chamber

15 Jan 2018
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United Kingdom
Hi there,

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

About a meter across from our gas meter we have an old gas inspection chamber outside, with a pipe sticking out of above the ground - presumably to vent off any gas.

Its now right in the way of our new house extension - I was hoping to get rid of the chamber.

Lifting the lid - inside it looks like its heavily corroded /rusted and the chamber is half full of water/mud.

I did some investigation it appears to be a 'gas pressure regulator' there's still a metal tag attached marked 'IGA' which I managed to clean, last inspection 1983!....(photo in image link)

It looks like it's connected inline on the gas mains pipe to our meter, tapping the pipe I can feel vibration when checking meter, so it looks like it is still connected.

I notice there is a similar device - circular shape on the gas mains pipe as it connects to the top of our gas meter (refer to last photo) - I suspect this could also be a newer gas pressure regulator? replacing the one in the chamber? - which has just never been removed?.

Please refer to photos - I am no expert - please could someone let me know if you think my assumptions are correct, if so who is responsible for removal? - the chamber is on my property but before the gas meter. Can i get a corgy registered gas engineer to remove or do I need to contact gas board? Any info would be great.

Link to 3 images here:
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It’s not something I’ve ever seen before, ex national grid/current GT lads should be able to tell you more information. You may need to speak to your gas transporter (GT), perhaps the meter asset manager, although not a meter.
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Always wondered what they were. All over a village in Lincs where I used to live.
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Not my area of expertise, but.....

Don't they run the local gas network at two pressures? At the end of our street, we have a cabinet with a pressure regulator [1], then our street pipes, then another regulator with a further drop in pressure just before our meter.

I'm thinking that the OP's photo shows item [1] which just serves his home, with the second one at his meter.
Hi yes, its in the UK, Kent.
Rural area
Harry Bloomfield is correct - item [1] just serves our home, the last pic is the similar device on top of our meter. sounds like both are probably needed and I need to speak to Transco? for the one in the chamber to be replaced..or at least inspected
You need to speak to grid.
It's upstream of your ECV and meter and therefore beyond the remit of domestic RGI.
We had exact same on a small estate in Woking. Used to be site of a hotel rather than bring new supply in they used the existing medium.
SGN did come round and overhaul them drain the Chambers and overhaul the regulators free of charge.

Cannot see you getting it moved though, planner/architect shouldn't of put an extension anywhere near this!
These days the medium pressure governor is fitted into a standard meter box so it's a simple case of having the service pipework re-located.
were called pit regulators, worked on many hundreds of them, we have many medium areas here, as @gas112 said would never be intermediate pressure or high pressure, you would soon know if it was, you would still be running
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Quick update : Thanks everyone! - I had SGN out to look at it, and yes its a pressure regulator still used - they did some testing and found a gas leak, hence they dug it all out and put a regulator above ground in a green box - out of the way. They said the old chamber ones are useless as they always flood, thats why new one is above ground.

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