Get your trousers on you scumbag , Your Nicked



Further to my last very emotional post here ...regarding these Suicide sites ,
Im sorry I been busy ..

Its been very upsetting to spend 12 odd hours in the company of a kid being talked into killing themselves an not blowing the "Nics" cover an saying "GEt THE F^^K OUT AN GET AWAY FROM THIS SITE !"too this silly deluded kid ,an being a drunk manc helped (copy an pasting weird chat for the crew ) as a "In deep paedo cover"

NCIS carried out 7 arrests this last week 5 in the Northwest an one in N/Wales ,the other was in East London ....GOOD /string them up ..

These "men" were charged with Aiding abetting Child porn/aiding an abetting Murder ..
The UK arm of this jap sick game has been tore apart ,the Uk portals which fed these depressed kids to the US looking teen sites=jap death /bet sites are gone for the time being ,

I would give the jap name for this fetish , but I dont want to lessen how truely awful they are .. an worst /disgusting thing is its played by MAJOR business top ten bosses ..not dirty pervets in gutters ,who no better .. but A VERY VERY INTELLIGENT ELITE

The Thozen Crew an Biatechs Crew who helped sift throught 1000s of sick web pages to profile /Identify the UK arm of these sites ,
some of the Throzen Crew had got " deep "within these nasty sites
an had formed "Friendships/mates" with these "Pathetic lil men"an then gave them up to the Police ...HURRAH :)
+other nics an Jap Police were forwarded many names of the "Betting Crowd "an passed on,
most of the UK arrests was due to the 2 crews

Who will NEVER be given KUDOS or MEDALS as LEA/Police get , I doubt they want the link with police anyway as major pirates ,lol

I would post the names an addresses of these DISGUSTING EVIL CREATURES but I have to await the courts to find them guilty ..

The UK arm has been hit an the Japs dont like it ,at 1k a bet its big business lost not having someone to bet on ,as you can imagine they are already sending out feelers for new groups in the UK to set up Teen Portals for them ,thats where Biatechs Crew are still very "deep"
any portals will be through themselves .....

What The Home Office has said about this SICK JAP GAME ,they will pass on any illegal info to the Jap police ... yeah f**kin Right ...
sounds sh*te ,

after The Home OFFice was hammered for 24 /7 with pictures of dead children they have said they will make sure the Jap police try to enforce the Law over there even bring it up in the next agenda at the UN summit,......................... people power :)
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