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To those who cannot figure out the obvious merits of using two combis:
  1. Two combi's will provide good showers for as long as you want - all day in there with two showers going, if you are that way inclined.
  2. The two combis release valuable space taken up by cylinders and gives a natural simple zoned heating system saving money on fuel bills.
  3. No contest, the two combis win hands down, on all points to gain a zoned heating system - one combi on a stat/programmer does upstairs and the other on a stat/programmer does downstairs. Totally independent supplying two floors.
  4. Two combis guarantees good showers and a bath (combine the outlets for the bath only using two non-return vales and small shock arrestor, and liberating space:
Two combis win on:
  • Low capital cost of installation. Combis are cheap. Two combis gives more and cheaper than a system boiler and unvented cylinder.
  • Cheap running costs, upstairs heating can be off most of the day.
  • No waiting for showers
  • Showers never run out of hot water
  • Simple zoned heating system with independent time zones.
  • Different rad temperatures on different floors.
  • Different room temperature stat settings on two floors
  • Less controls to go wrong, with accompanying down time and expense. (no zone valves, complex wiring and the likes)
  • Always heat and hot water in the house somewhere. Two combis means built-in redundancy (backup).
  • Super quick warm up. Two combis heating a house from cold does it in super quick time.
  • Releases valuable house space by eliminating a cylinder and tank.
  • One combi can supply the kitchen and the other the utility room - always hot water in the food area.
  • Fast bath fills as they only combine DHW outputs to fill baths. Two cheap 10 litres/min combis will deliver 20 litres/min.
  • Less wear as the usage is spread between two combis.
  • Quick installation.
  • Simple installation.
  • Simple electrics. A mains point to both and one from each to a stat/programmer on each floor. The stat can be a wireless model for even simpler installation.
  • The two combis can be in separate locations or both together, or both out of the way in the loft.
Only disadvantage is slightly more expensive on regular servicing, which is overwhelmingly offset by the above points. In fact the same servicing costs as a system boiler and unvented cylinder.

I specified a few installations not long ago using two combis. The Pikies were stealing expensive cylinders. No cylinders and combis on jigs with plastic pipes and removed until final commissioning. They work a treat and customers are delighted with them, especially when two people are using two showers - one shower dopes not interfere with the other and they can stay in them for ever and no waiting.
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I don't doubt that remeha's are good (from your reports).

What I doubt is anything bigburner says as he has no practical experience or qualifications whatsoever. :rolleyes:
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12 Mar 2008
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MODS: please ban this person.

What for. At least i'm qualified to answer some of the posts on here.

I don't live in a virtual day dream and don't pretend to know the answers to every plumbing/heating problem that arise on this forum.

You may be good at repeating articles from specific brochure, but a 4 year old can copy from a book but wont have a clue what it means. (neither do you)

Having being banned as Dr D should have been a lesson, but unfortunately every one are still having to read your garbage under another name. :evil:

The Mods should be more concerned with the dangerous advice you keep posting.

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