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4 Jan 2009
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United Kingdom
So I have used LEDs to replace incadecent bulbs for a number of years.

However recently while changing a few more, I proved what I always suspected (knew), they shine a beam out one end, and aren't an all round glow like traditional lamps.

So they are well suited to shine downward from ceiling, but not great at shining upwards.
They are so good at shining downwards, I had to fit a lower output one! (K)

Question is, are these filament bulbs designed to sort this problem, or are they a gimic to look like traditioal lamps ?
I notice the wattage isn't very high :( I would like 10W+led (100W equivilant)


I could do with one that shines out to the sides.
Any recomendations

Oh and another problem. I don't want them casting shadows. That won't go down well.
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are these filament bulbs designed to sort this problem, or are they a gimic to look like traditioal lamps ?
They are mainly intended for applications where the lamp is visible.
However the light from them is spread in almost all directions, far more evenly than those types with a flat array of LEDs and a plastic come over them.

There are plenty to choose from if you look at proper lighting suppliers, such as
There are bulbs that shine out sidewards upload_2022-2-20_18-16-41.png this one is 30 watt, claims equivalent to 250 watt tungsten, however I personally want to buy my bulbs local. And when energy saving came started to be pushed, I had my own and mothers house to look after.

Mothers house the bulb faced with base at the top so bulb shined down onto a dull carpet, my house base was at the bottom so shined up onto a white ceiling, and they worked far better in my house to my mothers.

I have never worked out why peal bulbs were stopped, a pear tungsten bulb spread the light far better than a clear bulb, and hurt the eyes less if looked at. Area seems to matter.

I have noted this with GU10 bulbs, the tungsten had 2 inches but the higher output LED had cooling fins so far less than tungsten and clearly less usable light, my son removed the 5 foot 22 watt tube to replace the fluorescent and replaced it with 16 x 3 watt GU10's both LED, but clearly the 22 watt tube lit the kitchen better than 48 watt GU10, pointing down so no light defused by the ceiling.

I had two GU10 LED's on the wall as bed side lights, and as an experiment turned them up to the ceiling, so reflecting off the white ceiling instead of the bed linen, and it was very clear pointing up they lit the room far better.

I have made mistakes in the past, a factory with a ceiling likely some 30 foot high and I fitted low bay metal halide lamps and very pleased with the results replacing the old fluorescent tubes, but when the same lights were used in the workshop with a lower ceiling around 10 foot it was a failure.

So we walk into a kitchen shop where the ceiling is around 12 foot, and we see the GU10 lamps which look really good, then fit them into our own kitchen at 8 foot and wonder why so poor. And this is the problem, the same light works well in one situation and not in another, and it is not the lamp or the room, it is simply not suited for the room.

Last house fitted 10 x 3W candle and too dark, swapped to 10 x 5W candle, however used the bulbs removed in mothers house by this time two new chandeliers with bulb base at bottom and they worked great, smaller room and higher ceiling.

But I find the LED is hard to judge, the room seems bright but I can't read in the light, then what seems a darker room and I can read in the light, as to if the light is being pulsed to look brighter I don't know, living room in this house 10 x 6 watt candle base at bottom single chandelier and not bright enough, I have up lighters and display cabinet lights to supplement the main ceiling light. Low ceiling, and large room around 22 foot x 14 foot. But think main problem is ceiling too low for a single chandelier.
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I'm not sure that one would look so good in the Chandelier. I expect I would get complaints
More down to what will fit, the BA22d was the standard British light bulb, but today it seems moving to E27, and E14, with some using G9, so there is a problem finding a E14 also called SES, any larger than 7 watt.

The LED bulb lasts a long time, so the idea of keeping a draw full of spares is not really a good idea, we buy one when it fails, so want to buy it local, and local to me E14 are around 6 watt either golf ball or candle either dim-able or non dim-able, that is it.

So more light means more bulbs. Finding the 8 bulb chandelier I have in living room with matching 5 bulb one in dinning room took some doing.

Last house started with two 100 watt bulbs, then fitted 3 bulb chandeliers so 6 bulbs some times 40 watt some times 60 watt, as the CFL came in then 3 grotesque 11 watt folded fluorescents, and wife badgered me into getting 5 bulb chandeliers and 10 x 8 watt Philips golf ball bulbs, and matching 3 bulb chandeliers for dinning room, cost a fortune for the bulbs, they started as a red glow and slowly got brighter, so could switch on without waking the dragon, but within a year 6 had failed and wife found slightly larger versions in Home Bargains and we moved so living room had original and dinning room the new.

However they continued to fail, I vowed never to get expensive bulbs again, and around that time Lidi did some 1.8 watt candle LED bulbs, I got two to try them, intention was in a reading lamp, but until I could get bulbs for the failed bulbs in chandelier I put them in the chandelier, they were better than expected, and next batch Lidi had were 3 watt, only had 8, so had 2 x 1.8 watt and 8 x 3 watt and they seemed good.

Wife thinks they went dimmer, I think being so white we perceived them as being brighter than they were, so got some 5 watt golf ball LED from Home Bargains, and old bulbs went in mothers house.

But the main point is one want bulb with holder at bottom so reflected off white ceiling, and two need more bulbs than before. Also found super small bulbs like the small G9 tend to flash when off and shimmer when on, the larger version G9-comp.jpg worked OK but don't look the part.
I highly recommend the Philips lamps with the central optics to distribute the light. They give a really even pattern and seem to last well. Something like these:
Something like these
806 lumen (£8.06) same output from Home Bargains £3.99 for pack of 4 and more efficient at 8.2 watt not 8.5 watt.

Tools station 1050 lumen and 12 watt, £4.58 for two.

TLC 1700 lumen and 17 watt at £3.47 each.

As the output goes up so does price, found a 2452 lumen 24 watt at £10.46 however this is over twice the output. It does depend on the shade, and if facing up or down, but having bought Philips before and not lasted a year, although I did think of Philips as a good make, now they have clearly not maintained their good reputation and I would personally trust any locally sold bulb better.
although I did think of Philips as a good make, now they have clearly not maintained their good reputation and I would personally trust any locally sold bulb better.

I've never heard of any issues with Philips Master lamps. I've still got many that are over 10 years old. Given the LEDs are all their own lumileds parts, I'd certainly trust that and the specifications far more over something from 'Home Bargains', whatever that is.
I have plenty of normal LEDs lamps. I need ones which output light at 320° or whatever.
Yeah I have heard bad stuff about Philips GU10, but I would try one
Thanks John. I got round to ordering 3 from CP a week ago. Levalance.
They look just like old bulbs! Glass, small frosted. Use 1W less than my other LEDs.
Certainly produce light at the sides.

I see big Clive showing philips ultra efficient led now, but don’t know where to purchase?

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