Grass Growing Project with Pics

16 Sep 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi, As the sun is now shining i've decided to grow some grass on this little patch in my garden


I know i'm going to need to de-weed the whole lot, and even it out so it will be level with the path, but i was hoping someone would have some suggestions on what seed to use, and basically how to do it, hints and tips etc.

Will keep this updated with photos as i progress

Thanks to anyone who replies
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a lot depends on what you will use it for. Will you just sit and look at it? Will kids and dogs run about on it? Have you got your own cat?

How often do you want to mow it?

What's the soil like?

What area is it?
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I wouldclear off all the vegetaion but dont dig the ground, just dig up the plants and weeds. You will destroy the soil structure.

Give the area a good raking down to about 2inches. take out all the stones and rake the soil about so you have a flat area.

Do this by raking north to south and then west to east. The different directions will help produce the level.

Walk on it to firm the bed. You need to cover the ground with foot prints. Rake again lightly and re tread. Rake again and if the soil strucure is nice and fine, sow your grass seed and then lightly rake. At this time of year keep your eye open for rain. If there isnt any, getthe hose out.

Easier to sow in September
JohnD - It's mainly going to be used to look at, sit/sunbathe on, dog will no doubt like to do his business on it, haven't got my own cat but next door do and he tends to come over occasionally to wind the dog up, don't mind about mowing it, will do it when it needs it, soil is umm browny, i guess it's pretty good as the weeds seem to like it and a bamboo i planted a couple years ago is doing well, along with a rose bush, mint bush (in Photo), rosemary bush and apple tree, i'm in milton keynes, victorian terrace if that's any help.

Thanks for all the other replies, i'm in the process of clearing the weeds and once that is done will post another piccy
give your dog a forked-over area and try to train him to use that not your lawn. You can fork the muck in or clear it up.

The neighbor's cat will not foul the lawn if it feels at home there (part of its territory). Also having a "resident" cat will discourage others coming in. Stroke it when you see it sitting on the fence and be friendly to it.

A garden with no resident cat will be used by other cats as a toilet. Inside their own territory they bury it in loose soil.

p.s. we sometimes get cat-haters on here complaining that all the local cats user their garden as a toilet, and the run out chasing, shouting or attacking the cats. Rather amusingly, it is because the cats do not feel at home there that none of them look on it as their home and mark it, so they have no interest in keeping other cats out or leaving it clean and tidy after use.
I was rather impressed with some Moscow footie pitch reported in the news today (there's apparently a big match on). They grew their own pitch down the road at a cost of £1.5 million. When they lifted it and laid it at the stadium they weren't happy so they imported a Slovakian pitch at a mere £160,000. I never knew grass was so valuable. I've just sown a kilo of Wilko's best, at £2.50.

PS That photo's three years old. How big is the dog now?
Why don't you just put turf down, a few hours and you have instant lawn, or have i missed something?

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