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4 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
Just laid 30m2 solid oak brushed and oiled flooring in my lounge and was extremely pleased with it.

But it quickly became obvious that there was something wrong with the finish, it only takes a light wipe with a slightly damp cloth for the oiled finish to become 'washed out'.

We obviously stopped wiping anywhere and contacted the suppliers who have admitted that the product is faulty. They have offered to either supply the same quantity of flooring again (I would have to strip up and relay) or refund me in full. I've gone for the refund.

I now intend to apply two coats of Hard Wax Oil but my problem is that where I have done a test application, although the oil will give the protective finish it has not restored the original colour, the milky patches are still visible.

Can anyone recommend some kind of stain that will bring out the colour prior to the Hard Wax Oil?
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Roofer, before you tested the new HWO, did you remove all old finish?
No not at that stage yet WYL

It appears to me that the wood has just been given an application of something to enhance the colour and a damp cloth removes or spoils that. I want to retain the colour rather than try to remove it.
To me it appears that the 'old' finish hasn't been applied properly. Anything you'll put over it will not take also.
If you have a cut-off piece of the original floor you could try to source the same colour (oil or stain) from somewhere, try it out on another piece, then remove the old finish from the floor (after cleaning a light sanding will also help to remove any left-overs) and apply the new finish

Hope this helps
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WYL, the original finish certainly appears to be oil as you can see on cross section where it has been absorbed into the wood, so I can't see how it can be removed as we could only affect the surface.

It is also not an option to sand the boards as we want to retain the brushed finish.

Why wouldn't a new finish take? The test area I've done with HWO seems ok but it's done very little to blend in the washed out patches.

I suppose I'm after a slightly coloured oil that can be applied as a first coat, is there such a thing?
Sorry, didn't read the brushed bit properly.
You could try Osmo's wood wax colours, transparent oil, first and then apply a second coat of the normal Osmo HWO.
We have a colour chart of most colours availalbe, click on the picture of the wood wax
Wouldn't it be easier to hire a floor sander lightly and start again or am'I talking rubbish :?: :LOL:

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