Handbrake on the peugeot 406

4 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi I was wondering if any body has figured out how to improve the performance on the 406's handbrake.

As the handbrake is seperate from the foot brake the shoes dont bed in properly and corrosion builds up. I have removed the drums and cleaned it all up and cross cut the shoes. This seems to work for about 2-3 months but after that im back to where i started and the brake's performance drops back to not holding on hills etc.

The shoes look about half worn and the drum about the same.
Any idea's would be gratefully recieved
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park it in gear. if its pointing uphill, park in 1st gear. if its pointing downhill, park in reverse. See, if your handbrake lets go then, the gearbox's inability to rotate backwards will stop the car from going anywhere ;) (though whether putting this much constant stress on the gears is a good thing, i dont know)

I'm sure someone else will advise re. the handbrake problem, but i thought the above might help you :cool:
I do Tend to leave the car in gear with wheels towards the curb. but their must be something i can do to the hand break to improve this.
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Looking at the lack of advise,it doesn't seem to be a common problem so I would guess that you need to look closer at your hand brake,freedom of movement on cables,linkages.adjusters etc. Are all parts fitted correctly ?
Check all moving parts by hand for freedom of binding. If all is ok,start by changing the shoes.

Hi I had this problem with an ldv convoy.The problem was solved by changing the rear brake shoes and adjusting the handbrake cable.I had the this done by a competent mechanic
I would check your cables particularly the rear pair. These make a lot of difference to the effectiveness of the pug handrake.

Other than that they are just a standard design of drum really so shouldnt be any worse than any other drum brake.