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4 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have just hung a large mirror over my fireplace. I was instructed by the supplier to drill 2 holes in wall, and use 2" Screws with plugs. I did this and hung the mirror. All seems to be fine so far one day later (touch wood), but i cant stop worrying about it, and the damage it would cause if it came off the wall.

Can anyone advise on the method used above should be ok. The wall was a standard fireplace wall i.e. plaster over brick. The mirror is about 20kg.
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What makes you think it'll come off the wall Jon? Are the screw heads larger than the holes in the mirror - if so it should be fine as long as you've got good fixings into the wall. Were the screws tight when you screwed them in or where they sloppy? What I mean is, do you think you could pull them out? If not, I wouldn't worry.

I know what you mean though about being worried about the damage it would cause. I was in Shanghai a few weeks back, I was walking down a street with a colleague, we came to a junction and decided that we were going the wrong way so decided to go back the way we came. No sooner had we turned around when a load of broken sheet glass came raining down about 15 metres infront of us. Turns out some bloke was working in one of the rooms above (about the 5th floor) and poked something through the glass in the window. Was a seriously lucky escape - 20 seconds earlier or 10 seconds later and we'd have been sliced to ribbons, if not killed. :eek:
THanks gcol, the mirror had 2 d-shaped rings on the back which sit on the screws. The screws seemed to be pretty tight when i fixed them in the wall and at a slight angle. Im just wondering would standard 2" screws be suitable for such a weight (which is actaully 35kg and not 20 a stated below). Or should i fix it to the wall with something else?
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The company i bought it from say that is the method they advise to hang these mirrors. Would you consider this to be dangerous? I did give it a bit of a tug when it was up and it seemed ok. Worried now :confused: :confused:
I just think it's a lot of glass and a lot of weight to be hooked on a couple of screw heads. It's up to you of course, but I think I'd prefer to rely on a few more screws and more meat through the D ring. ;)

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