Hello Playmates



I awoke cold an sluggish this morn from my drunken all day session at our old salford sink estate boozer, 24hour Tone H Wilson wake yesterday ..
I lay there with a heavy pressure on my chest ,at first I thought *Oh well if this is how it ends,Ive had a good one ...*:)
then the heavy pressure *moved* ..lol I looked down to see a fat furry face smiling at me , Yep my old pussycat Purdey had found her dad an she had come home ...from next doors ..lol
she sat purring quietly as I stroked her...
I had even dreamed about the big fat furball while back home in St Martin ,here she was ...;)
I roused from my drunken stupor to the smell of bacon frying ..yum

Wendy an I are here for a week to sort out the property sales ,My house in Heaton Moor has sold an her mums house in cheetham hill is being sold
we need to arrange things then fly home ...

We were both gutted to hear about Tony H , what a shocker ...smashing bloke :( :(
Wendy is Blooming now an I want to wrap her up in cotton wool an just keep her so safe ..lol daft I know ?
Those stellas an vodka redbulls from yesterday are working me over , lol ...I must be out of shape drinking the stubbies back home lol

I hope everyone here is fit an doing well ???
take good care all I will pop back in before I live the UK ;)
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Well we are at the mother in laws an my house has been completed , Margarets house is ready to go through tomorrow afternoon ,
she got the local Housing association off the estate interested awhile ago an they are buying it ....
Its strange to be back on these terrace streets again ,lol
we are flying back home tomorrow evening ......hmm home ..Yep to me theres nothing holding me here now in Manchester ..

Lots of great fun memories an such sad times too...
Take care an keep smiling :)
best regards
Moz an Wendy
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