Help me rescue this adjustable desk project

13 Mar 2019
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United Kingdom
I've been working on this for months, finally got it finished:

As you can see, it's a desk that moves up and down along some Unistrut fixed the wall, with the help of a winch pulling a steel cable.
Unfortunately the pulley mechanism is not up to the task and has failed in use, so I am looking for an alternative lifting mechanism.
I looked at telescopic bottle jacks but the range is nowhere near enough, so now I am considering a hydraulic ram like this [there are many, many listings for identical products]:
as it is self-contained and would cover [just...] the range I think I need [about 400mm difference between sitting and standing positions].

Any other ideas or inspiration?
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Any other ideas or inspiration?

Have you considered a long threaded bar, running on a bearing at the top, nut fixed to the work surface and a reverse-able motor to turn the rod?

I made a motorbike lift, using that principle.
is the only dead load what we see or does it need to lift with other heavy loads on the surface ??
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Electric lift mechanism, such as an Auton pop-up (used for hide away TVs) would be suitable, but expensive. They used to do models capable of lifting about 70kg. Alternatively what about a ratchet winch
An electric winch would be more than capable. Lots of choice on amazon from about £95 upwards.

The biggest problem is that you need to try to get a double lift, one for each side of the desk. So you need to come up with a synchronised method of raising the desk rather than the central lift that you have.

Take a look at how its done on a 3D printer.
is the only dead load what we see or does it need to lift with other heavy loads on the surface ??
Monitor, laptop, keyboard, phone, drinks vessels, etc. Probably another 20kg at most. There would also be the dynamic load of me leaning on it when I'm tired.
What actually failed? The cable or the winch? In which case just upgrade either. Or something else? What's all that junk at the top?
i was thinking an old fashioned solution
I've got one of those and even unloaded they are quite a bit of weight to shift. I did basically this but with U-groove pulleys with ball bearings and steel cable. The pulleys were fixed to the wall with M8 anchors, and that's the bit that failed - they both bent the same way and the cable jumped out. Gravity ensues.

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