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7 Dec 2017
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West Midlands
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Hi everyone.

This is my first post as a new user however I have read the FAQ section and I can’t find anything to specifically help with my problem.

So, I live in a two bedroom apartment on my own, the property is all electric. Recently I noticed my water tank was heating up then whilst doing so, the hot water was releasing only to replace with cold. I made contact with a plumber who advised the valve had gone, the measurement of the valve was no longer available and that I’d need to buy a new tank to fix the problem.

Although I was left confused and puzzled over the valve no longer being available, I went along with it and paid out for a new tank and installation.

Now, despite me contacting the plumber numerous times, I’m still convinced something else is wrong and I’d be grateful of any help from a member.

The problem is this. Since the installation of the new tank, on a full tank I only get one five minute shower before the water is freezing cold. Is this right?

I recently went into the programme timer thing and noticed the tank was heating from 02:00 - 07:00. I thought that’s a long time and wondered whether, again, if I was cooking the water in that it was releasing again during the heating cycle via this valve and replacing the hot water with cold.

I have since reduced the timer now to come on at 05:45 - 07:00, and programmed the boost for 07:00-07:30.

The water however, after five minutes in the shower and one washing up bowl is freezing again and I wondered if anyone can recommend anything?

Is this right? Should this type of tank only hold enough for this or is something else wrong? Any help would really be appreciated.

If anyone has any further questions please feel free to post and I’ll reply ASAP.

Thank you.

Ps. If I have posted in the wrong thread please accept my apologies.
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You say five minutes. How many litres of hot water is that?
Hi JohnD.

The honest answer is, “I don’t know”. I can’t be more honest with you, I have no idea.

I know nothing about tanks unfortunately, but what I do know is the shower only lasts five minutes maximum. I’ve spoke with a neighbour who has a very similar tank and he, his wife and his two children all manage a shower with the exact same timer settings?

I’m wondering now if your suggesting the tank is right and perhaps a little too small for what I need?
I expect the longer time period was to allow plenty of time for the tank to fully heat, it would of course turn off once hot, and wouldn't turn back on until it dropped below a certain tank temp - this is to prevent constant turning on and off at the top of the tank range ( all systems have some hysteresis between switching off at the end of heat and coming back on when demand cools the tank).

So by changing to shorter period you probably have not achieved anything, and it wont help troubleshoot the issue.
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You should get many times the volume of tank in hot water, since the water in the tank is generally much hotter than necessary, and is mixed to a more tolerable level (say 55-60C) before delivery to the tap or shower, where you ill likely cool it even more by mixing with cold water slightly (down to say ~45C) which would be the shower temperature.

So there is likely something up....
Hi abadon,

Thanks for the reply. Seems that way to be honest, do you have an idea what the problem may be?
If you had asked these things prior to tank change, I would have said thermostat or heater, but I have assume these have all been supplied new with new tank - or were they reused from old tank?


From what I can tell, comparing the elements, they are all new.

Does the element have a temperature control under the white cover?
Who installed this? Looks very much like an elbow before the prescribed distance form the tundish. Also looks like plastic so hopefully the correct rating? Maybe only the top element working so not getting a full tank but looks like an illegal installation!!!
Hi scoobydoo123,

Oh dear, really? How would I know, be able to test the bottom element/ or both?

I’m pretty competent but if it’s overly complicated... not something simple then?
Take a photo of the plastic pipe work by the tundish in particular any markings on it. How is the feed to the elements wired? To one junction box how is it controlled, normally you would have 2 options full tank or half a tank.
Bottom element looks like no cable clamp. Perhaps switch it on and look at meter and see if it is drawing circa 6kw an hour so take reading for 10 minutes and divide by 6. BTW the time you are leaving on is not enough if any meaniful draw off. Times were set that way so if you have economy7 then the tank is heated up whilst leccy is cheaper. With these cylinders the heat loss is not very much at all.
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That installation is illegal and needs condeming the bloke who put that in should be done report it to building control and trading standards these things can be very dangerous.Bob
Hi Oilboffin,

Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate the honesty. I’m left slightly anxious now, I’m disabled and this is just adding to my problems.

Just pulling ideas from the air, the timer has three settings. I’m only using one.

It’s set from 05:45-0700.
Timer 2: 12:00-12:00.
Timer 3: 12:00-1200.

Is the one time only for the one element, should I try programming slot 2 also?

I have then programmed the boost which is on a separate timer for half an hour from 07:00 but this changes nothing, infact I doubt it does anything at all.

To note also, yesterday I purposely let the tank empty to cold, it took two full boosts (1hr each press) to get the tank to a level where you can actually have a hot shower. This can’t be right can it? In comparison to my old tank, that would allow you to have a hot shower after one press, one hour.

Really grateful this far.

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