Help - Telford Copper & Stainless Cylinder.

Pictures uploaded as requested.


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The number of litres of hot water it delivers before running cold is important. It will give a clue of which immersion element is working.

If you fill a bucket under the shower and time it, that would be a start, you can calculate litres per minute. It might be 10, it might be 20.

An unvented cylinder can deliver hot water at a high rate.

If you fill the bath from the hot tap (round about 100 litres) is there enough? How long does it take?
Sorry to say I think you have been conned. If the old valve on the cylinder was letting by then a replacement valve should have been sourced. Was the old one the same size with 2 heating elements? if only the top one is working due to either incorrect wiring or fault then you will not be getting an whole cylinder as it will only heat the top portion of the cylinder due to physics. Can you get access to the meter to check to see if you get 6kw of draw added to the background draw of the house? The pipework from the tundish looks suspect to me the rating of the pipework needs to conform with standards for unvented. Could be that the previous installer put it in like that and the new installer has just used what is there (but that dont make it right). Where does that pipe go please tell me not under the sink!!! But whoever put this in looks a cowboy look at the wiring that is visible and no strain relief. Doesn't look new either
BTW the 3 program times are there to take advantage of cheap electricity like if you were on economy 10 tarrif.
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Thanks. Yeah it’s liking as if I’ve been conned.

When he first looked at the old tank, he said the valve was no longer available as that particular “mm” was no longer available, size.

The components used on the new install are new though, they aren’t the old elements. But yeah, he has just used what was already there in terms of the plastic pipe etc and no, not under the sink but it is a waste pipe.

I’ve removed the covers from the elements and inside there is a little dial about 3 1/4 turned towards the + end on both. I guess this is temperature? I’ve not touched them.

So the programmer makes no difference. Mmmm. Maybe it’s just a small tank for my needs?

It’s weird.

I’ll try the bucket test, regarding the other tests, it’s a foreign language to me and I wouldn’t know where to start in search of a 6kw draw.

Do I try the bucket method under the shower, it will be mixed with cold water unless I turn the dial to hot? Just hot water? Is running the bath a separate test?
hot, please, because I want to see how fast the shower can deliver hot water from the cylinder. These cylinders can provide a very forceful shower.

The bath would be a separate test, to see how soon the cylinder runs cold.

An immersion heat can warm (in approximate terms) 1 litre of water per minute, and your cylinder is probably more than a hundred litres if fully heated. There should be a label on it but it can be estimated from height and diameter.

In winter you will not need to mix in so much cold, because the cold will be colder.
Thanks JohnD.

I’ll run the test and feedback over the weekend. I’ve just had a shower, about five minutes and it’s held the temp, not sure how much hot is left now though.

Thanks for the help this far.

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